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Mon 24 Apr 2017
Symbols of Thailand
Written by Sriwittayapaknam School   
Friday, 09 February 2007 02:08
These symbols of Thailand were written and illustrated by students from my old school:



Thai Flag - The flag of Thailand has five stripes painted with three colours which is red, white and blue.

- Red stands for "The nation"
- White stands for "Religion"
- Blue stands for "The King"

Thai Language - the main language in Thailand was created by King Ramkhamhaeng. Thai consonants have forty four letters. It is hard to speak for foreigners because it has a tone mark which English doesn't have. 




Thai Clothes - There are many different kinds of Thai clothes. In the present, we don't really wear traditional clothes much. You will hardly find Thai people wearing Thai clothes on the road. We mostly wear it when there is a ceremony. For example: marriage, Loy Krathong, Dancing etc. There are many kinds to wear for different ceremonies.



Thai Dance - in Thailand there are five regions, each regions has its way of dance and different names.

- Central has "Rum Wong"
- Northern has "Fon Leb"
- Southern have"Rum Nora" and "Taloong"
- Eastern has "Rum Seang"
- Western has "Rum Put"




Tuk Tuk - it is the different kind of taxi in Thailand. The reason we call it Tuk Tuk is because the noise of the engine. It has three wheels with no doors and windows. At the back there is a long seat for about three people to sit on.



Thai Kites - In Thailand, there are many different kinds of kites such as star-shaped and diamond shaped. The best time of the year to play is in March. Many people go to Sanam Luang in Bangkok to fly kites or to watch kite fighting.




Thai Monks - Every man in Thailand has to be a monk when they come to the age of 20. Thai men believe that it is one important way to make merit for their parents. Also, it will help their parents go to the heaven after they die.



Thai Farmers - The farmer in Thailand is an important occupation that goes back hudreds of years. The farmers are the backbone of the country and rice is our staple diet.




Grand Palace - It is a place that our King and Queen are staying. It is a huge place and it is very beautiful. This is the most popular tourist attraction in our country. The tourists that come to Thailand should come to visit here.



Wai - Every Thai person knows how to Wai. It is the name of how to pay respect in Thai. It is our culture, we have done it for a long time. We use it to pay respect to each other when we meet or leave.




Elephant - It is all over Thailand. The most elephants are in Surin Province. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand. Most tourists go there to ride on the elephant through the jungle.



Buffalo - It is an important animal for the farmers because they use the buffalo to plough the paddy.



Rice - Thailand is an agricultural country. Rice is the most important thing for Thai people. Everyone in Thailand has rice as the main food.



Thai Silk - The handmade silk is one of the export things of Thailand. It is very beautiful and famous all over the world. Thai silk is always weaved from the real silkworm.




Takraw - The famous sport of Thailand. Thai people in the old time liked to play Takraw. We are one of the countries that play Takraw very well. Sometimes we are the winner of the Asian Game.




Thai Chess - It has been well-known in our country for long time. It is the game that needs a lot of patience and planning the same as war. Thai chess is different from the world chess.