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Mon 24 Apr 2017
Fortune Telling
Written by Wadee Kheourai   
Friday, 09 February 2007 21:12
The Thai way of life is based upon Buddhist religious beliefs as well as the animistic elements of Brahmanism and folklore. As a result, religion has become a mixture of philosophical, mythical and supernatural elements, all of which deeply influence one's way of life. Just as some people go to see the doctors to treat their physical ailments, some Thais go to fortune - tellers (Maw Du), the all seeing doctor to cure their spiritual ills. and prevent future maladies. Fortune - tellers are engaged to give auspicious names to a baby according to his exact birth calculations. Weddings, investments, travel, car purchases, building construction, traveling and other significant decisions in life, are all directed by the fortune - teller. There are many forms of fortune - telling: palm reading, star charts, playing cards, physical features, spirit mediums and high - tech computerised fortune - telling. Fortune - tellers can be found in many places - under the shade of the trees like the tamarind trees around Phramane Ground, next to the Grand Palace, in the markets, in the hotel lobbies and plazas, etc. Most can be identified by small altars with offerings of flowers and lighted incense dedicated to various deities who have given them with the skill and knowledge of this art.
Information from: "Thai Studies Through Games" Book 2 by Assist. Prof. Wadee Kheourai.
Pictures copyright: Panrit "Gor" Daoruang.