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Mon 24 Apr 2017
Childhood Illnesses
Written by National Culture Commission   
Thursday, 08 February 2007 23:44

Capturing a Cold

Young babies are liable to become ill easily, because their bodies are still delicate. For example, they may take cold and have blocked noses so that they cannot breath easily. If a child has these symptoms people must make a medicinal poultice to apply to the top of its head. They use onions or bulbs of sweet peas pounded and mixed with turmeric, red lime, and liquor. They dip cotton into this medicine and form it into a flat, round, thin plaster with a hole in the center, and apply this to the child's head. The juice of the pounded onions remaining from making the poultice for the head is used to apply to the bridge of the nose and to the body. This method of applying a poultice to the head and smearing the body of the child until its appears red and blotched all over is called "capturing a cold."

Coated Tongue

About fifteen days after birth, the child's tongue may develop white coat called "fine powder". If it is left it will become thicker and thicker and turn into pharyngitis, making the tongue stiff so that the child cannot suck the breast. It is necessary to take a diaper which is moist with the child's urine and wipe the white coat off the tongue. Sometimes people use the "gum" or raw bananas to wipe; if they can get the "gum" of "water bananas," then all the better. They cut the raw banana in two and wipe out the "gum" onto a cloth.

Heat Rashes and Hiccups

Sometimes childrenhave heat rashes; that is, they have rashes on the face and body consisting of fairly large transparent white pimples. If these pustules burst, the pus will spread and be messy and malodorous. People are to sprinkle diatomaceous earth and crystals of Pogostemon cablin on these rachel! If a child has hiccups, they must tear off a corner of a diaper and apply it to the top of the head or the forehead of the child. While applying it they must hold their breath . If they fear that the cloth that is applied might drop off, they are to moisten it with saliva. This is a terribly simple procedure.


Information from: "Essays on Cultural Thailand" by Office of the National Culture Commission.