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Mon 24 Apr 2017
Blessing My Motorcycle
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Friday, 09 February 2007 01:59

After I bought my motorcycle, I had a lot of bad luck. I was stopped by the policemen and fined quite a few times. I also lent my motorbike to other people and they crashed it! So, I decided I should go and visit my local temple to ask a monk to bless my bike.

After waiting for the monk to come back from his alms round, I followed him up to his kuti with some flowers, incense sticks, a candle and gold leaves. I gave them to him and then he took a pen out and started to write something on all three gold leaves. After he finished writing, he gave them to me and led me down to my bike.

He used some white powder and water to put some marks on the front of my bike. He made a triangle shaped pattern. I heard him say something as well while he was doing it. It wasn’t Thai. I think it was Pali though I didn’t understand any of the words. After he had finished he put the gold leaves on the bike above and on either side of the white marks. He also put a jasmine garland around the left handle.

He walked around my bike one time and blessed it with holy water. Then, he turned to me and blessed me by splashing some water over my body. He said to me that he had warned me about those accidents already. He said that the next time when he or elders say something, don’t ignore them, listen and then do it. I replied "Yes, I will." and gave him a polite wai.

He said it was nearly done but there was something else he needed to do. I asked him what was it? And suddenly the monk hit my head pretty hard with the thing he used to bless my bike. He said now it’s done and walked back up to his kuti. I think the reason he hit me on my head is to keep away bad luck plus he maybe wanted to tease me!

I went back to my grandmum’s house to eat some snacks before I went back home. I went to stand in front of my bike and looked straight at it. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at it. I went in the house and came out with a cloth. I was about to wash the white marks and gold leaves off when I heard my grandmum tell me to stop. She said if I washed them off, some bad luck might come back to me and my bike. I listened to her and went inside to put the cloth back. After the blessing, I feel a lot safer every time I ride on my bike.

After I wrote this story for the Bangkok Post, I received a lot of letters from people asking if it worked. Well, to tell you the truth, one week later I crashed into the back of a pick-up truck! Maybe the bad luck is all with me after all.