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Mon 24 Apr 2017
Life as a Thai Buddhist
Written by Nam Dokmai   
Tuesday, 20 February 2007 18:28

In Thailand about 98% are Buddhist so we see it in life everyday for example we see monks walking around everyday, we have to do chanting everyday at school but we don't have to go to church every Sunday like Christians. But we do go to temple every important day like our birthday, Buddhist holidays, when someone dies etc. Pictures on this page show our life as a Buddhist in Thailand.

My brother is sitting in front of the Buddhist shrine in my grandmum's home.
Worship in Buddhism

Buddhist worship is one of the way to bring peace to your mind. When worshiping, a Buddhist should concentrate on the virtues of the Triple Holy Gems, being the Lord Buddha, the Dhamma (teachings of Buddha, the Truth, or the Laws of Nature). and the Sangha (the Buddhist Council). At the end of your devotions words of kindness to mankind should then be expressed. In Thailand every family has an altar at home that usually consists of a Buddha image. The altar at home usually comprises the Buddha image, a pot for incense sticks, a pair of candlesticks and a pair of flower vases.

Practising Buddhists should worship twice a day; in the morning and again at night, bowing down in front of the altar before the chants / prayers begin.

In the morning you should go through the ritual before leaving home to take part in your daily routine; first, light the candle situated to the right of the Buddha image then the candle to the left. Next, light three incense sticks afterwards sitting very still with the body straight and firm then bow down in the "Ben-jang-kha-pradit" manner - forehead, palms knees flush with the floor. Begin chanting with a recitation expressing your reverence and respect for the Triple Holy Gems, then bow down three times as a finale.

At night light candles and three incense sticks. Make obeisance in the "Ben-jang-kha-pradit" style, the chant your eulogy expressing your respect for the Triple Holy Gems, followed by reciting the "Trai-sa-ra-na-khom", the recollection of the virtues of Lord Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha, bowing down at the end of each, ending by giving your good wishes to mankind in general. Practising Buddhists will bow down once when recollecting the virtues of those who have been kind to us and three times when concentrating on the virtues of the Triple Holy Gems.

- Story by Nam Dokmai, Kinnaree, May 1997

I am paying respect to the Buddha image at a temple in Thailand.
I am trying to find out my future. In Thai it's called "Ziam Zee". I shake the container until a stick with a number comes out. Then I go to pick up a piece of paper with that number. It will tell me about my future.
My brother and I when we were novice monks. I am on the left and my brother is in the middle, next to my brother is my friend.