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Thu 30 Mar 2017
More Water Fights
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Friday, 23 February 2007 01:53
Everyone loves motorcycles. Even on the main highways, mobs form a human chain across the roads to slow them down. This group will soon be very wet!

But, the best way of getting around is on the back of pick-up trucks. Each one armed to the teeth with big barrels of water to keep them going for a few hours.

It would seem that every pick-up truck in Paknam is driving down this one road for an afternoon of fun!

The kids on the back of this pick-up truck look like they are having some fun.

Be prepared to get very wet. These girls were on the receiving end of quite a few buckets of water.

With so many pick-up trucks passing each other, there is no rest from the water fights

All of the girls are prime targets to have white powder smeared on their faces. Traditionally they would ask permission first but these days they often attack from behind.

The guy on this motorbike thinks he can defend himself with a sprinkler!

These three people on the back of the motorcycle didn't have anywhere to run to. They just had to wait there for the water to be