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Thu 30 Mar 2017
What the Press and the Internet Community are Saying
Monday, 12 February 2007 14:54
  • Farang Magazine: "Gor’s brutal honesty is refreshing, and also goes to show that Thai teenagers are casting aside some traditions while they maintain other ones."
  • Daily Mirror (UK): "Fast becoming cult reading all over the world for its chronicling of Gor's battle with drug addiction."
  • "Ever heard about Nattawud Daoruang? He probably deserves the title of "Mr. Global Thailand". His website is the most popular personal homepage in Southeast Asia, receiving 10,000 visitors per week from 120 countries. He is a Thai teenager who just takes for granted that the world is his playground."
  • World Online (South Africa): "A Thai teenager who kept an online journal of his battle against drug addiction has been hailed by Thailand’s media as "legendary", a "global citizen" and "Thailand’s youngest ambassador". "
  • "A unique and fascinating diary in words and pictures describing the life of a teenager in Thailand."
  • This website is maintained by a Thai student who shares all aspects of his life including religion, political issues, thoughts on popular culture. A very honest look at your Thai comrades.
  • Mission to the World: " is a webpage written very candidly by a Thai teenager. Great site for more info about Thailand from a teenager's point of view...advise some caution with regards to his diary."
  • "Thailand is one of if not the best Web Page I have seen on the subject of Thailand. The most impressive part is that he has done all the work. He is also a teacher's aid at his school. I recommend you spend some time getting to know him and his culture through his eyes. Bangkok was so impressed they have a link to his page!"
  • "Thousands of teenagers around the world have their own websites, but Nattawud Daoruang's may well be the world's best."
  • "One of the most linked-to websites about Thailand. Comprehensive does not begin to describe it."
  • Guide of Bangkok: "This collection of sites will give you an in-depth look into the country and the life of one Thai boy who has come very far in the virtual world that is the Internet."
  • Kat's Window on Thailand, Bangkok Post: "Over 300 pages and 800 pictures give a comprehensive, honest, and professional overview of this teenager's life and culture."
  • "Thailand's most famous internet teenager."
  • Bangkok Post: "Samut Prakan boy presents window on Thailand to world."
  • "A lovely set of photos from Thailand by Nattawud Daoruang, one of the very talented Thai students who helps put together the ThaiStudents.Com website"
  • "What sort of things does a Thai teenager keep in his pocket? Or in his fridge? What's in that secret diary and how secret can it be on the net? Find out the answers to all these questions and more at My Life in Thailand."
  • Bamboo Shoots, Cambodia: "Nattawud Daoruang has established many personal web sites to attract tourists from different corners of the world."
  • Thai Post: "A must see web site."
  • Bangkok Post, Netscope: "Presented with a very sharp eye and filled with evocative photographs."
  • English Channel, Hong Kong: "A brilliantly informative web site giving an excellent look at life in Thailand."
  • Bangkok Post, Educational Services: "Easily one of the best web sites in Thailand on every day life."
  • Student Weekly, Thailand: "The extensive site is an interesting, humorous look into the teenager's world."
  • Silkroad, Hong Kong: "A diverse site with pages on everything from his friends to festivals of Thailand."
  • Bangkok Post, Database: "You'll be impressed by its depth of information."