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Sat 29 Apr 2017
Press Room

Welcome to the Press Room for Panrit "Gor" Daoruang who has been hailed as 'Thailand's youngest ambassador' by the international media. Panrit, or Gor as he is known by thousands of people around the world, has become the most famous Thai teenager on the internet. His life and work has been featured in countless magazine and newspaper articles worldwide and he has appeared on both t.v. and radio. Although these pages are aimed at reporters, other people that have been following Gor's life on the internet for the past ten years might also be interested. On these pages you will learn more about Gor, the making of this web site and his plans for the future.

Gor is available five days a week for interviews. Visit the Contact page to set up an interview.

The Early Days: Gor was born on 3rd July 1985 in Samut Prakan, about 35 kms south of Bangkok. During his kindergarten and primary school years he attended the prestigious Sriwittayapkanam School. Gor excelled at his studies and soon found himself in the class for gifted students. He loved playing basketball and was an avid fan of Liverpool. His other hobbies included playing Thai chess and reading cartoon books. When he was 12 years old he started learning English with a native speaker and shortly after, he started work on his first web site.

The Middle Years: In May 1998, Gor started at his new school, Satree Samutprakan. Even though he had left Sriwittayapaknam School (nicknamed Srinai), he still returned most evenings to learn English with his teacher and also to work on his web sites. By this time he had already started on two more web sites for movies and cartoon books. He told us that his teachers at his new school weren't interested in what he was doing and that they also didn't know that he was fluent in English. With class sizes of 56 it was easy for him to get lost in the system.

Starting from when he was 13, he us ed to help teach students at Srinai School how to make web sites. It was during one of these weekly lessons that he met his future girlfriend - the one he called his first "true love". The ups and downs of this relationship are documented in his online Secret Diary. Gor took it pretty hard when they broke up on his 15th birthday. He started smoking, drinking and he pierced his ear and naval and died his hair. He mixed more with the "bad friends" his ex-girlfriend didn't approve off. This ultimately led him down the road to drug addiction. Despite the "bad boy" image he was projecting he was still good at heart and continued to work hard on his web sites. Probably the only thing that kept him going. In late 2001, his hard work paid off when he was approached by the Bangkok Post to do a weekly column about his daily life. Gor's World first appeared in March 2002 and lasted for just over two years.

The Dark Period: When Gor first started with drugs in 2001, he didn't realize how much it would change his life. It sent him down a path which proved difficult to leave. The drugs had affected his rational thought more than people realized. He found it difficult to concentrate and constantly made bad decisions. Over the following four years he had bouts of depression which left him feeling suicidal. Everyone thought that he had quit drugs but he kept having relapses. Until finally in August 2005, he was arrested by the police for drug posession. He was out on bail for about a year until about September 2006 when the courts sentenced him to three years and a 200,000 baht fine. Most people agreed that he should have been sent to drug rehab.

The Future Years: It has now been ten years since Gor started on his first web site. It is hard to believe how far he has come: the young unknown 12 year old boy to Thailand's most famous internet teenager. He now has fans all over the world and regularly receives letters from people who want to know him. It is difficult to predict the future. Gor once told The Nation about five years ago: "I will continue to update over the next 10, 20, 30 years or so. Keep coming back as in the future you will be able to see my graduation from school, first day at work, my marriage, birth of my children, their first day at school......." We are not sure how serious he was, however, he has covered most of these events in his life already, such as the wedding and the birth of his daughter. It is unfortunate that he won't be around in May 2007 when his daughter starts her first day at school.

For a High School drop out he certainly has come far. When he became a drug addict his teachers threw him out of school and said that he had no future. But, he is proving them wrong. Even though Gor is now in prison he hasn't stopped writing. The first book about his life is due to be published in mid 2007. He is now working on the second book which is about life in a Thai prison. When he gets out, he intends to continue with his website and other Internet work. He also plans to finally get his High School diploma.


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