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Thu 30 Mar 2017
Phuket with Leo


In March 1999, we went down to Phuket to watch them making the Leonardo DiCaprio movie "The Beach".We were making a popular website about the movie and so wanted to take some pictures. The website for "The Beach" movie was our first famous website. During 1999 we were getting about 6,000 visitors every day. We later found out that movie people, reporters and even Leonardo DiCaprio's family were visiting our website. Leonardo's mother even sent hundreds of calendars and videos to my old school for the students.

Sunday 28th March 1999

Today we got up late again. We went out to eat in the same shop as yesterday. I had Chicken fried in chilli paste with fried egg on top. After we finished eating we went to buy some ice-cream to eat. I had Strawberry Cornetto. I like it very much. Then we went to drive around the island. We went to find the studio they are using to make the movie first. We found it and we wanted to take a picture but the security didn't let us take it, so we went to wat Phra Thong. We went there because it has a famouse gold buddha half buried under ground.

In the afternoon we went to watch them making the movie at Kata Beach. We saw Leonardo and someone called Tilda walking down the street. I heard someone cry "That is Virginie, Virginie" She thought Tilda is Virginie. But it wasn't really. Then we went to play Crazy Golf nearby there. It was very fun. I came third (last).

We are standing with Danny Boyle the director for this movie. These are the heroines of Phuket city. They fought with Burmese invaders during the Battle of Thalong in 1785. The studio is near here.
Monday 29th March 1999

Today we had to get up early because we wanted to go to Raya Island. We got up at about 7 o'clock to get ready to go there and went out to eat breakfast. At 8 o'clock, a van came and picked us up to take us to the port. We went to Raya Island by speed boat. It took about half an hour to get there.

Raya Island Raya Island
These are pictures of Raya Island where we stayed. On the right is our bungalow

First when we got there, we went to book the bungalow. It was 700 baht per night. It was big and had a bathroon and a balcony.Then we went to play snorkelling. We played for about half an hour. Then the tourist guide came and picked us up and took us to a new place for snokelling. It was very beautiful. That place was behind the island. We snorkelled there for about one hour. It was very fun. First, when we went there I was scared to do because it was very deep there. But my friend said never mind so I tried to do it. I could do it, it wasn't scarey. We saw a lot of beautiful fish and coral.

Raya Island Raya Island
We are snorkelling near the resort where we stayed.
When we finished we went back to the resort to eat lunch. It was delecious. Then we went snorkelling near our resort again. After that we went back to the bungalow to sleep. Then we went out to eat dinner near the resort. It was very expensive. While we were eating it was raining, we rushed to eat and ran back to the bungalow. We took a shower. Then we ate snacks and played cards. In the bungalow there wasn't air conditioning but there was a fan. We went to bed at about 10 p.m. In the night time, they turned the power off so the fan didn't work. I was very hot. I couldn't sleep. I took off my shirt and went back to sleep.
Tuesday 30th March 1999

We got up late today. We took a shower. After that we stayed in the bungalow to play cards and eat snacks. Then we went to check out and sat down in the shop of the resort. Then we went to eat breakfast at that restaurant where we ate yesterday. We sat and chatted there. We felt bored, then we went to rent a mask and snokel. We walked around the island to find a new beach. We walked around for about half an hour. We found it with a bungalow with shop so we bought some drinks there. It was very expensive. We sat there for a while, then we walked back. We were very tired. We went back and sat down at the shop of the resort again. We sat there and played cards. Why did we sit there for?. We sat there to wait for the boat. We wanted to go back today. The boat came at about 3 o'clock. It was a speed boat. We went back by that boat. It took about half an hour. My friend, Game, slept in the boat. He looked very funny. When we arrived at the port, we walked to the van. Then the van took us back to the hotel.

When we arrived at the hotel, we had to check in again because we checked out before we went to Raya Island. It was very nice because we got the same room we had before. We went up to the hotel to sleep. We slept for about two or three hours. Then we went to eat at "Mae Phon". It was very delicious. We met Game's mother, sister and aunt too. They flew here yesterday. They came here to look for Leonardo. Game's sister really wanted to see him. And today they will shoot at "On On Hotel" near our hotel where we stayed.

We went back to take a shower and then we came out to watch them making the movie. We saw Leonardo too. It was raining for about an hour so they changed the time to shoot it. We didn't stand there until the rain finished. We went back to the hotel to watch television. When the rain stopped, we came out to watch them. We saw Andrew Mcdonald too. We took a picture with him. He is the producer of this movie, "The Beach". There were a lot of people there waiting to see Leonardo. When Leonardo came a lot of people cried "That's Leo, that's Leo". He came with his mother and his grandmother. Before we thought his grandmother was his mother and his mother was his girlfriend. We asked Sarah Clark (film publicist), she said it is not his girlfriend not here. So now we knew. At about 3 o'clock in the morning, my friend (Phong) was very sleepy so he went back to sleep in the hotel first. Not long after he went back, we met "Darius" the director of photography. We took a picture with him too. We waited to see Leonardo until sun rise, we just saw him for a while when he came and when he went back. I was very sleepy. Then we went back to the hotel to take a shower.

On the left we are standing with Andrew Mcdonald the producer for the movie.
On the right Game and me are standing with Darius Kholdji the director of photography.

Wednesday 31st March 1999
My friend (Phong) and me are sitting on the stone to take a picture. That island behind us is James Bond Island. And picture on the right is James Bond in movie "The Man With Golden Gun"

Today we didn't have to get up early because last night we didn't sleep. We took a shower and got ready for the van. We wanted to go to Phang Nga, James Bond

Island, by tour. Then we went to have breakfast at the usual shop. I had Ham and Chesse Omlette again. It was my favourite food when I stayed there. When we finished eating we came back to the hotel. We waited for the van for about ten minutes. When it came, I went straight in the van to sleep becau

se last night I didn't sleep. So I was very sleepy. The van took us to the rest area to wait for the bus. We waited there for about half an hour. It was boring. Then we met Game's family who came by another van. They said they will go to tour same place as us. They will go by other tour not the same with us but they will go same place as us. Not long time, the bus came. When we went into the bus, I went straight to sleep again but I couldn't because the guide was making a loud noise. He was telling us about: where will we go, Why we go there for, How will we go etc.

First, we went to a temple. We paid respect to the buddha and watched them making merit by giving some food to the monks. Then we went to a small port to go to James Bond Island. We went to James Bond Island by long tail boat. It was very fun. Long tail boat was very fast, the water splashed my face. It took about forty five minutes to get there.

When we got there we took a picture and walked around. James Bond Island in Thai is called "Koh Tapoo". Koh means island and Tapoo means nail. We call it that because the shape of the island looks like a nail. We saw a lot of sh

ops there. I thought it had about 52 shops because it had numbers on every shop. Phong and me went to the toilet there, we had to pay 2 baht each.

After that we went to eat lunch at "Muslim Fishing Village". It was buit above the water. The food there wasn't really delicious, we didn't like it. Then we went straight back to that small port. We bought ice-cream to eat in the bus. When I finished eating, I slept in the bus. My friend woke me up when we arrived at the rest area. We went into the van and went back to the hotel.

When we arrived at the hotel, we went to our room. Before, I thought I didn't forget anything but I forgot my cap in the van. Why was I very silly? Then we went to eat dinner at that shop where we ate yesterday with Game's family. After we were full up, we went to Patong Beach to play Go Kart and Crazy Golf. I was the winner both of those games we played. Then we went back to the hotel. We took a bath, watched movies and played cards. Then we went to bed.

The shops around the island. There are about 52 shops. And the picture on the right is the toilet.

  I played on the Go Kart. It was fun. I was the winner for this game too.
Thursday 1st March 1999

Today we got up at about 7 o'clock. We got ready to go back to our real home. We took a bath, brushed our teeth and got dressed. Then we went to check out at the front counter. We went to buy some stuff for the car and eat breakfast at the usual shop. I had my favourite food (Ham and Chesse Omlette). Then we left Phuket, we said good bye to Phuket and went straight to Krabi Province.

When we arrived at Krabi, it was raining. Then we drove around the market. When the rain stopped, we got out to take a picture of the Buddha. That Buddha was in the movie too. They made it up for the movie, it was made from fome. Then we went to buy some snacks to eat in the car. After that we left Krabi and went to Chumphon Province.

We arrived in Chumphon at about 5.30 p.m. We booked the hotel for one night. It cost 500 baht per night. In the room there were two beds in one bed can sleep two people and there was air conditioner, fridge and television too. It was very nice. We liked it very much. Then we went out to eat at a noodle shop near the hotel. I had pork noodles. It was ok. Then we went to the book shop opposite the noodle shop. We bought some magazines to read. Then we went back to the hotel. We took a bath, watched television, read magazines, played cards and went to bed. At night time I fell down on the floor again (my friend told me).

This Buddha was made for the movie. It is made from fome. On the left we are standing in front of the Buddha and on the right Leonardo is walking pass the same Buddha. This scene is at the start of the movie. it is on Maharad Road in Krabi Province.
I am sitting where Leonardo sits to wait for the Tuk-Tuk.
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