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Mon 24 Apr 2017
We Fight and Break-up
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Sunday, 13 August 2000 04:51
Saturday 12th August 2000:

 It's the Queen's Birthday today and also Mother's Day. I am trying to be a good boy for my mum by going to my grandmum's house with her and paying respect to all the people I call "mum". There are three of them that I call mum, first one is my grandmum, I call her "Big Mum" because she looked after me when I was younger so did my aunt, I call her "Small Mum" and I call my mum "Mum".

I went there early in morning, that was very painful because I had to get up early. I hate to get up early but today I had no choice, I have to be a very good son for all my mums. I went out and bought some flowers for paying respect to them. They sat down on the chair and I sat on the floor. I did a krab to their feet by putting my hands together and bowing down to the floor. Then they said something like "I hope you will have a good life".

Sunday 13th August 2000:

I got up very very late that's why I am happy today, don't have to got up early like yesterday!!! I went to Seacon Square to watch the movie "X-men" and to play bowling. I got 6 strikes in a row. WOW WOW WOW, that's my record for bowling and I don't think that I can beat my own record later. I went to have my late lunch in "Burger King". I had "Bacon Double Cheese Burger" set. I walked around for an hour looking for a new necklace but I couldn't find the one I liked so I went straight back home.

Monday 14th August 2000:

Today is a public holiday. I got up early to go to my friend's house to borrow his shoes. I looked for my parents but no-one was in the house. Then I saw a note which was written by my mum, "We have gone to your grandmum's house and will be back later this afternoon. Find something in the fridge to eat yourself. Mum". I went straight to the fridge and made some jam sandwiches to eat, then I went to take a shower. After that I got on my motorbike and rode it to my friend's house. Not far from my house, I had an accident, I rode it into an old Ford car and hit it. That made me hurt a lot and my jeans were torn too. I said sorry then they said "what are you gonna do now? My car got hit from you" then I said "Follow me back home first and I'll ring my parents to come to talk to you". They followed me back home. When I got home, I rang my parents and told them the story. They went straight back from my grandmum's house in 15 minutes. They talked about the car while I sat in the house cleaning my knees and legs. Finally, my parents agreed to fix their car. After they had gone, I had to sit down for a long time and listen to my parents scold me. The worse thing was, they stopped me ride the motorbike any more and they said they will buy me a bicycle to use. OHhhh! God, why this thing happen to me? I just rode it on the wrong side of the road with no helmet. Am I wrong? Ok Ok, I know that I was wrong. I know, it's just my luck and my stupid idea.

Tuesday 15th August 2000:

I met my girlfriend at school. We haven't seen each other for very long time (I think that but actually it's only 3 days). I have been busy working on my web site for a competition for Nation Junior Magazine. She didn't really talk to me that much, she seems like she still can't forget what happened before. After school, she went straight back home. I didn't see her but I met her friends and they told me.

Wednesday 16th August 2000:

I don't know what happened, I haven't seen her today. I went to my old school to help Richard teach his class making homepage. I met Que (one of Richard's student) in the class. After class finished, Phong, Ton and me came down and met up with Que's sister (Nook). We went out again to their house to play table tennis. I like talking to her because she's a very good listener and helps me a lot about Yui. We talked again late at night. We have been doing it a lot recently.

Thursday 17th August 2000:

School was boring as usual, it's make me not want to go in the lesson but I have no choice. The only lesson I liked today was P.E. and English wasn't very bad today but the teacher was a bit moody that's why I didn't really want to learn it.

Friday 18th August 2000:

I went to buy a "Harry Potter" book in the book shop to read because I heard that it's very popular for all people around the world. I never read that kind of book before. I went back home and took a shower. Then I came to read it. First I thought that it might be boring because it has only words and no pictures but I was wrong. When I started reading it, I couldn't stop. This is the first book I have ever read in my life and I really like it a lot. I read it until 3 o'clock in the morning. I nearly finished it.

Saturday 19th August 2000:

I got up very late because I went to bed at 3 o'clock last night reading Harry Potter, Book 1, so I was a bit lazy to get up for Saturday school. Someone woke me up by knocking on the door, it was Yui. I was surprised to see her because I haven't seen her since Tuesday. She asked me me can we get back together like we were before? Why we have to keep arguing all the time? Can we make a new start? I agreed with her and asked her to go out to Seacon Square now. Before she could answer, my pager started beeping, it was Nook. For some reason she wrote me a love poem Yui read it. Then she walked away. Such very bad timing.

In the afternoon, I rang Nook and talked about this. I felt like I needed to talk to someone. I talked to her for a while and she said she had something to tell me. I asked her what, she said that she liked me and wanted to be my girlfriend. I told her that I still loved Yui and want to get back with her. Then she just put the phone down. I liked talking to Nook, but she's more like a sister.

After a hard time thinking, I took a rest by reading my Harry Potter book. At about 2.15 a.m., I finished the book, it was really really fun. I am waiting for the second book to come out. I think I will make a web site about it for Thai people.

Sunday 20th August 2000:

Phone rang and woke me up in the early morning. It was Yui. She said she wanted to break up with me, she said we are all finished now. We are not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore, then she put the phone down. I couldn't believe that, I sat down and thought about it for long time. It felt like a bad dream and I couldn't believe it was true. I tried to ring her at her house later but no one answered. Then in the late afternoon, I rang Nook and tried to talk to her but when she heard me say "hello!" she said that she has a boyfriend already and that guy is in my old school. She said she really liked him. After I rang her yesterday, this guy rang her and talked to her for a long time and she started to like him. I kept quiet for a while, then I just put the phone down and said to myself "Bl--dy Women......... I will never care about any girl anymore"................