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Mon 24 Apr 2017
The Summer Holidays
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Tuesday, 27 March 2001 05:16
Monday 26th March 2001:

Went to Srinai school to teach computer at about noon. Prepared what to teach with Phong and teacher (Kitti). Kitti was the teacher who started this lesson, I just came to help. I was an assistant to start with but not for long. I didn't know how I became the main teacher.

Tuesday 27th March 2001:

Got up at about 10 o'clock. Did my housework and watched TV until 1 o'clock. Then I went to Srinai school to prepare the lesson for today.

Wednesday 28th March 2001:

Ton rang and woke me up at about 8 o'clock. He said he will come to my house first and go to our school together. I quickly ran down and went to take a shower. Ton came while I was taking a shower. He called me from the front door. I came out with my towel and opened the door for him. He wasn't alone, he came with his girlfriend Pond. I went to get dressed and put cream on then I went to school with them. We walked out to the main street and caught a tuk-tuk to school. We were there exactly at the right time, they were already queued up to go to the meeting room. They were talking about hair and uniform that must be right then started to practice for the graduation ceremony tomorrow. We practiced for nearly 3 hours, it was very boring. After that practice finished, I went to ask my teacher about my hair. She said it's ok, don't need to cut it. Then, me and nine of my friends went to my house by tuk-tuk. Imagine it, 10 of us in one tuk-tuk!!! We did our favourite things, drinking, smoking, fighting each other, chatting on the phone and watching nude video!!! We went out before my dad came home. We went to Ton's house and went to play snooker. Then everyone went back home.

Talked to Nuch on the phone until 12 o'clock then asked her to wake me up tomorrow.

Thursday 29th March 2001:

Graduation day!!!

Mum woke me up but I went back to sleep again. Nuch rang my PCT and woke me up then came down to do my stuff. Ton rang while I was taking a shower and asked me to meet in front of 7-Eleven by our lane. I went there to wait for 10 minutes he didn't come so I went on motorbike taxi to school. Was at school a bit early, then went to chat with my friends. Ton came over and punched me on my arm. He asked why didn't I wait for him. I said I did for ten minutes then he said he came and didn't see me. I said "go to queue up they are about to go in". Then I went to sign my name in front of the meeting room. I was signing then one teacher came up to me and told me to go to cut my hair. She said bad things to me like I shouldn't be in top class, I might be a cheater in the future, I can't be big, I can only cheat from other people etc. I stared at her while she said that and she hit my head. I was about to yell at her but my classroom teacher touched my hand and winked at me. I turned around and went out of school to the petrol station opposite the school. I met six of my friends there and they asked me can they go to my house. I said yes, then we went to my house. We were chatting then O came with Na. O and Na said that the teacher didn't let them go in the meeting room too so they went to the petrol station. They didn't meet us there and they thought we will be at my house so they came.

At 11 o'clock, my friends rang and told me it had nearly finished and told me to meet up at the market to go to Triudom Suksa School to register for the exam. I am thinking I might change schools next year. I went to meet 4 of them at the market and we went there together. We went there by Sky Train to Siam Center and walked to Triam School.

We finished at about 3.30 p.m. then we went back. Kong asked Chai and me to go to play snooker. Chai and I said OK then he rang and asked Yo, Yo said OK. We got off the bus at my house then we walked to snooker shop by Ton's house. I rang and asked Ton to come to play and he came. So we played it!

Friday 30th March 2001:

O came with his motorbike and picked me up at 7.30 a.m. We went to school today to get our report book and I went there to get the certificate that I didn't get yesterday as well. My classroom teacher gave the certificate to me with a smile on her face. My friend came and asked me to help finish his old problem with Mattayom 2 students. We walked around school looking for them but we can't see any of them. I think they must have known before that we will finish the old problem. I told my friends to wait for the school to re-open, they will still come to learn Mattayom 3.

They agreed to go to my house (again!!!). I ran to O's motorbike and White ran after me. We told them we will go first, they all swore at us "Bloody cheat". O rode it, White sat in the middle and I sat at the back. O tried to do a wheelie and I nearly fell off. I quickly held White on the shoulder and swore at O at the same time. We went to ride around in the market for a while. Lucky we didn't get stopped by the police!!! We went back home and found out they were waiting in front of my house gate. I saw them carrying a couple of big bags. I opened the doors and let them in. Pee went to the kitchen and brought two glasses with ice. Now I know what they bought. We were drinking until 4 o'clock and then they went back home.

I went to O's house with Pee. We played around at O's house for a while then we went out to take Pee to the bus stop. O and me came back to watch video and play cards. Boat rang my PCT and said that he wanted to sleep at my home tonight and he said now he is at Yord's house which is very near my house. Yord's house is only 500 metres from my house. I told O this and then we went out, one of his friends as well. While we walked out, we met O's sister. O had an argument with his sister straight away, I didn't understand why. Now we can't take the motorbike to my house, we got to walk. We walked for about half hour, it was about 7 or 8 kms. When we were there, they all swore at us "Where have you been?" We all said that maybe because we were very tired and hot. Boat just came back here from his house, he went back home to get his guitar. We moved to my house at 11 o'clock after my parents had gone up to bed. Gab (O's friend) had an argument with his girlfriend and cried. So Boat played the guitar and I sang to him while O slept and Yord went back home.

After that, Boat asked O about drugs pill, O said he has it. Then Boat bought it from O for 50 baht which is cheap. Boat said he used to buy it for 100 baht. Boat bought 3 pills from O and asked me where can he take them. I said up in my bedroom. You don't take these pills like normal pills. You have to use silver foil and lighter. You put the pill on the foil and then use the lighter to heat it from underneath. Then inhale the smoke like you are smoking. I asked him to try it, he didn't let me. So I asked him will he give it to me or do you want me to fight you for it? Then he gave it to me and said to me that he only let me try. If he sees it next time, he said he won't mind fighting with me to stop me. He's a good friend for me, don't you think so? He is taking drugs but doesn't let his friends do it because he knows how bad it is. Now it's my time to help him stop taking it. I took one pill and felt dizzy, couldn't walk straight. It's like I smoked a cigarette but only the taste is different.

We came down and found out that O was looking for something to eat in the fridge after he woke up. He sniffed the air and asked me did I take drugs, I said no. Then he came near and sniffed at my mouth, he looked at Boat and asked Boat to tell the truth. Boat said yes Gor took it and then O got ready to punch Boat because Boat let me take drugs. I suddenly stopped O and said that it wasn't Boat's fault, I made Boat to give it to me. Then I asked O to forgive Boat. O said to Boat say no next time. Then we went to cook some food to eat. Not long after O and Boat turned back to talk to each other again. That's us we just can't be angry with each other for long time! We were singing and talking all night until about 5 a.m. which is the time my mum always woke up to go to work. We went up to my bedroom and turned off all the lights. We went straight to sleep.

Saturday 31st March 2001:

We woke up at 9 o'clock and found out that our bodies were painted with a felt tip pen. Only Boat didn't have it on his body and he was the first one who woke up so for sure that Boat painted our bodies. We went down to look for something to eat. Boat went back home at 11.30 a.m., I rode him home. Then we went to Ton's house without taking a shower. We went to play snooker then O went back home.

Monday 2nd April 2001:

Went to teach today at Srinai School. I taught them how to do the banner and draw a picture.

Talked to Nuch and found out that her first name is "Sareena" and her friends called her "Na". Nuch is her nickname. Now I'll call her Na not Nuch.

Tuesday 3rd April 2001:

Got up very very early at 5 o'clock, earliest I ever did in this holiday. Went to Ploy's house because her dad will drive us to sky train station. Kong went with me to the same place. We met our friends Nat and Bank there with Nat's friend, Kim. I did 2 English, 2 Thai and a Social Studies exam. After we finished our exam, we went back home. I am not sure if I passed or not. I will check the result on the internet at the weekend. The traffic was very bad, I slept all the time until the people who sat next to me wanted to get off and woke me up.

Very tired today, too sleepy to write more......

Wednesday 4th April 2001:

Went to watch movie, "13 days", at Seacon. It was a very long movie, two and half hours. I really liked it. We also bought a CD writer so we can put our photos and E-books on CD. I was thinking about putting my web site on CD for teachers and students doing a project about Thailand. I also have several thousand pictures I have taken which I might put on CD too.

Thursday 5th April 2001:

Frank rang in the late afternoon asking me to go to her house. I went to O's house and asked him to go with me. He rode me there and stayed with me until we finished our conversation. Her parents were home too!!! She told me she had an argument with her friend and got hit. She thought it was finished but the one who hit her hasn't finished yet. So she asked me for help. I was talking to O about this and O said he will get his sister to help.

Went to Yord's house at midnight after my parents had gone to bed. We were playing around, talking on the phone, playing cards and drinking. I went to bed like 5 o'clock.

I got to go to take pictures at Srinai school tomorrow. The school owner invited 9 monks to come to bless the family and the school. In Thai it is called tam boon.

Friday 6th April 2001:

Yord's mum woke me up at 9.00 a.m. saying that someone came to look for me, it's my dad. He told me Richard rang and said the monks will arrive soon. My dad took me there without me taking a shower. I was still in my yesterday's clothes! I felt very sleepy, I didn't sleep much last night.

It was very boring listening to the monks chanting. I stayed there for nearly two hours taking pictures. Why can't they do without chanting? Then I went up to the guest room near the computer room on the sixth floor. I slept there for nearly 5 hours, that was a long nap! Frank rang and asked me to go to play badminton with her and her family. First I was not gonna go but I changed my mind when she kept asking. I went back home first to get changed then I went to the court. I met her and her parents there. I played with her dad and I lost to him! Then Frank asked me to go out for a walk. We walked around for a while then we came back to sit outside the court (it's inside court). We chatted until her parents finished playing. Then I went straight to Yord's house. I slept at Yord's house without telling my parents!!!

Talked to Sareena (Na) until 5 o'clock in the morning.

Saturday 7th April 2001:

Went to work at Srinai school as usual.

Came back home at 11 o'clock in the evening. Went to take a shower and waited for my parents to go to bed. They went to bed like midnight then I waited until 12.30 a.m., I then walked to Yord's house. Rang Na and talked to her for a while then I let she go to bed. I got to go back home before my parents wake up, I went back at 4.30 a.m. When I opened the front gate, I heard alarm clock from my parents' room. They will get up soon, I got to go to bed before they found out that I went out to Yord's house without telling them. Went straight to bedroom and pretended to be sleeping when my mum came in. God..... nearly dead!!!