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Mon 24 Apr 2017
The School Holidays
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Thursday, 26 October 2000 04:55
My school closed for holidays at the end of September until 1st November 2000. Not long after school closed my girlfriend rang me and talked to me for a while, but I didn't really want to talk to her. After a while, she told me that for all the two years she was my girlfriend she had another boyfriend as well. I felt sadder than I was. "Good, good," I said sarcastically, "you are so clever that you could deceive me all that time. I hope you are happy." Then I put the phone down.

I broke up with my girlfriend since that time but I still love her deep down. I did everything that she had stopped me doing before, like having an ear-ring, skinhead haircut, not wearing my uniform properly etc. I was very sad so I tried to be with my friends all the time to play around, listen to music, read cartoon books, drink and play football until sunset. I felt better when I was with friends than when I was alone but I couldn't be with my friends all the time. I was alone in the night time. I couldn't stop thinking about her, I missed her a lot but I didn't want to be a stupid guy again.

I started the worst thing I think I wouldn't do again.... smoking. I started to smoke again but this time, I made a promise to my parents that I'll stop after I finished Matthayom 3 (grade 9). First, they didn't agree and my mother got angry with me but my father didn't say much because he smokes as well. I knew that, but I can't stop it and I'll keep going on smoking. After a while, they started to trust me. They didn't say anything anymore but I won't let them see when I do it. But for SURE that I'll stop it later. I sometimes wake up early in the morning to go to buy a pack of cigarette at the gas station when my parents have gone to work. I buy LM (red), it costs 32 baht, (less than $1). By law, people who buy a cigarette must be over 18 years old. I am sure that you might say how can a 15 year old boy buy a cigarette? That's normal in Thailand, the rules here are not that strict. Also, you can buy 1 or 2 cigarettes which cost only 2 baht each and you can get three cigarettes for 5 baht. Easy for a student to afford. But even though I now smoke, I am not as bad as some of my friends who I have seen do worse things.

One day during my holiday, I heard some of my friends talking about drugs at the place where I came to play football. They saw me and said "Hi" to me. I told my others friends to go on first and I walked to them. I talked to them for a while and I asked them what were they talking about before I came. They said "It's about drugs, we are planing to buy some". I was shocked even though I know that they are all smoking but I didn't know before that they are taking drugs as well. One of them asked me do I want some, I said "no thanks, you are so good to me!!!. You are giving me a very bad suggestion. It is bad enough for me that I am smoking, I don't want to be worse than this, thanks again friend." Then I walked away to play football. I knew that my school has a drugs problem, but I never saw any of my friends taking drugs before.

Sometimes at school I had seen students selling drugs in the toilet. One time I spotted an older student acting suspiciously in the toilets. One of my friends was there too. As soon as the older student saw me, he hid something behind his back. When he saw it was me, he said "I thought you were a teacher, oh my god!!!". Then he told me that "we are selling drugs". He sold it for 80 baht. After they finished, I asked the seller how much profit did he get? First he was not gonna tell me but he then said he got it for 45-50 baht each. I thought to myself "that's a lot of profit", then I asked him where did he get it. He said that he got it from someone he knew and he asked me that do I want one? I said "No" straight away and told him don't try to sell it to me or my friends again. He didn't say anything then I walked away and turned back to him and said "Don't sell it to my friends, do you understand?" then he said OK so I just walked away. Not long ago, I saw a poster by the market while I walked to play football. I knew before that drugs is bad for you and I read about it before in the newspapers and seen it on T.V. but I never saw that picture before. It was really scary. After that, I promised to myself that I wouldn't touch drugs and wouldn't let my friends touch it as well.

Near the end of the holidays, I went to my friend's house with Pok to play around as usual. We went out for a ride for a while and my friend stopped at a shop to buy something. He came out with some die to colour his hair and he asked me do I want some? Me and Pok both said "No, thanks. My parents will kill me for sure if I do it". Then we came back to his house. He went upstairs to get ready to die his hair. When he came back down, he asked me and Pok again that do we want to do it? I thought about it and then I said "OK I'll do it", but Pok still said that he didn't want it. Then he started to die my hair for me, it didn't take that long like I thought. When I finished it, Pok asked my friend to do it for him too. I said to Pok "Are you sure you gonna do it?" Pok said "Just do it, it's holidays they won't say anything". So he did it to Pok. When it finished, I used the blue colour to put it in my hair but Pok didn't use any colour so his hair was gold.

I took Pok home straight away. Then I came back home for a nap. Pok rang me and told me that his parents were angry with him, I said "I told you, man". We talked for a while, he told me what his parents said. After, my parents came back. They asked me "What did you do with your hair?" I said I coloured it, why? They said it's strange, they didn't like it but they weren't angry with me because I was in holidays. I wanna know why my parents didn't say anything but Pok's parents did .............?

I went to Seacon Square with my friends to watch a movie, play bowling and walk around. My friend (which is a girl) stopped at the ear ring shop to buy an earing. I saw someone in the shop who was piercing his ears. I thought it looks good. I asked my friend "Does it hurt to pierce?" she said no, so I decided to do it. The people who pierced my ear put something on my ear first to make it numb, then he did it. I didn't feel anything when he did it, I didn't even know when he had finished. But later on about two or three hours later, I felt sore but it wasn't that much hurt.

I came back home with an ear-ring. My mum saw it but she didn't say anything, she helped me clean it as well. But....when my dad came back, he saw it and he got angry with me. He didn't like it for sure. My mum told me that he didn't like it because it will be harder to find a job when I got older. Ahhh, now I know why he got angry with me. He didn't talk to me for a few days, I think he is still angry with me. I said sorry to him and asked him to forgive me, he said later when I do something I should tell him first. I said OK and said sorry again.

I always got up very late during my holidays. I got up like 11.00 a.m. or noon every day. The earliest I had got up was 9.00 a.m. After I got up, I did the housework before I went out. I had to sweep the house, wash dishes, feed my fish and hamster etc. And at the weekend, I went to visit my grandmum at her house as well. When I am there, I always talk on the phone and sleep and my grandmum always scolds me for that.

I know a very pretty girl from my friend. She is one year younger than me, her name is "Frank" (first when my friend told me that his friend's name is Frank, I thought that's a boy but when I met Frank, I was shocked because Frank is a girl and cute too. I felt strange in my heart after I met her, I think I was in love with her or something like that. But in the other heart, I said to myself that don't try to love again remember last time.) My friend gave me her phone number, I said I don't want it but he still wanted me to take it and he told me that Frank has a boyfriend already so don't worry. I asked him why did he give her phone number to me? He said he knew that I love to chat on the phone so he wanted me to be happy by chatting to her.

So, you can see I did lots of things in my holiday. Some good, some bad. I think I started to forget my ex-girlfriend and I have moved on. Now I have a new girl to chat to on the telephone.