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Mon 24 Apr 2017
I Find a New Girlfriend
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Monday, 19 March 2001 05:13
Sunday 18th March 2001:

Tai, Jear, Muay and Jang have come back from camp. Thfootballe phone rang, it was Jear. I talked to her, she said she tried to ring Ton but he's not home. I said he has probably gone out with his father. Talked for a while then rang Tai and talked to her. She said it was very fun at the camp, her friends and her got darker skin! She said she was very tired then I let her hung up.

I need to go to school tomorrow to get my exam results, very exciting!

Monday 19th March 2001:

Went to school to get the results. I got 3.16 and came 43rd. There are 50 students in my class (I am in top class). This result is the lowest grade I have had in my life. I got 3.81 last term. The highest I got is 3.9! My dad will kill me for sure.

Friends from Ton's class will come to sleep at my home today. They are O and Benz (already know them!), Pee and Kaeng.

Ton rang Jear and asked about coming here on Tuesday. She said her mum was ill in bed so she can't come. I asked Jear that can Tai come here? She said she's not sure Tai knows the way or not. I talked to Jear for a while then I rang Tai. I asked her can she come here or not? She said no because she doesn't know the way. She said only Jear knows how to come here. She asked if her pictured had arrived yet. I told her it hadn't. Tai said she wanted to see my picture so I gave her my web site address. O rang Muay and asked her to come, she said she will try her best to make her come. Muay rang again and said she can't come as well because she doesn't know the way and can't make Jear come. That's very bad.... no-one can come tomorrow :-(

We went out to buy a bottle of whisky and cigarettes to drink and smoke tonight. All of us are smokers but only O is not. We were drinking, talking, playing around, listening to the radio and smoking all night. We were up until 5 a.m.

Tuesday 20th March 2001:

Got the letter from Tai while we were about to go out to school. I opened it quickly to see her picture. She is not as cute as I hoped but still cute enough to be my girlfriend. All of my friends went to retake the exam because their grades weren't good enough, but not me and Pee! I just went with them.

After they finished retaking, Kaeng and Pee said they will go home. Pee said he will come back to my house this evening so I came back home with O, Nop, Benz and Ton. We changed our clothes then we went out to play snooker. Yo rang while we were playing a game. He asked me to go to play football. I said not sure and kept on playing. O and Nop said that they wanted to play football more than play snooker so we agreed to go to play football. They didn't have any money so I had to pay the money for them. While we were on the way there, the rain started. We thought we wouldn't be able to play but we were wrong. We saw them playing football in the rain! We quickly ran to them and started playing. It was very fun playing in the rain, the water on the ground was so salty! We played until the rain finished.

We walked back home, I was really tired. We took a paracetamol each then I went to help my parents cook while my friends took a shower. I went to take a shower after they finished then I came to eat with them. Pee came while we were eating. Mum asked him to come to eat but he said he had already eaten. We watched a tv drama then went up to my bedroom. We were up there smoking, reading and chatting around. We waited until my parents had gone up to bed then we walked downstairs. Ton rang Jear and she said she will come this Friday. I rang and talked to Tai for a while then O rang Muay and Benz rang Jang. I took Ton home by bicycle and brought a bottle of whisky back home. I was drunk a bit so I went to take a nap. I woke up an hour later and saw that Pee was drawing on O's body. He used a felt tip pen to write on O's chest and on his nipples! I went back to sleep and said to them if they painted on me, I'll kill them. Just saying that made them scared.

Wednesday 21st March 2001:

Ton rang and woke me up. O, Ton and Nop went to retake the exam. I gave O my house keys so when he came back he can come in straight away without calling me. I was still sleeping in bed when O came back with Kaeng and Nop. Ton went back home. I washed a load of plates and did all the housework while everyone was sleeping except O. He helped me clean the house. We went to Ton's house when everyone had woken up. We found Ton with Pond (his girlfriend). Then we went out to play snooker. After playing, everyone went back home, I went to school to do my work.

I talked to Richard about teaching computer during summer school (my first paid job!). He said it was only 4 students learning this course and the principal said if I did a good job, I might be up to get more work in the future. The worse thing is my first day of teaching will be the first day I'll meet Tai. That's very bad.

I came back home to talk to Tai on the telephone. Tai said she saw my web site and she asked me what "maybe" means? I think she must have seen my diary "part 13". Luckily she can't read English, she was only looking at the pictures when she saw that list of girls. She wanted to know why there were so many "maybes". I said I am not sure which one would be my girlfriend. Ah! forgot to tell, she said I am cute as well. I hoped she really meant it, what do you think? We talked for a while longer then she went to bed. I asked her to wake me up tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock.

I went to take a shower then came to talk to Rean. We talked for about 5 minutes because she didn't feel very well. Then I went up to my bedroom, read my cartoon books, rang Frank and talked to her until 3 a.m.

Thursday 22nd March 2001:

Ton's woke me up early saying he will come to my house. I went down and opened the door for him then I came up and slept again. Later we talked about his girlfriend yesterday. I cleaned my house. Ton rang O and asked him to come to my house. O came then Tai rang me at 11.00 a.m. we talked until about 11.45 a.m. then went to play snooker. Actually I asked Tai to ring at 10.00 a.m.!!! We played only 3 games but the people who look after the snooker club said that we had played 4 games. We had an argument for a while then Ton paid it because he didn't want to have an argument, O said the man will be hurt later. Poor man, he didn't know who he had an argument with LOL. O and me went on a motorbike taxi. He went back home and I went to Srinai school. On the way I saw Yo riding a motorbike so I shouted at him, he stopped. I paid the motorbike rider 5 baht and I asked Yo to take me to school. I slept there for a while outside the computer room then I went to work. Worked for a while then went out to watch Hannibal with Richard and Phong at Seacon. Went back home and talked to Tai. Had an argument with mum about the housework. She said my friends made a mess at her house. So that means it's not my house. I won't go back home tomorrow evening.

Very excited because Tai said she will come tomorrow at about 10 o'clock in the morning.

Friday 23rd March 2001:

Got up to go to school to check my grade until 9.00 o'clock. Went out to the petrol station opposite the school to eat cup noodle and killed time while we waited for Tai, Jear and Muay to come with my friends from Ton and O's class. We sat down and talked about this and that. Benz went to buy a pack of cigarettes to smoke. 10.30 a.m., they hadn't come. I felt that they won't come. O asked me to page Muay and I did. We went to wait in front of the school for half an hour, they still haven't come. We agreed to go to my house. We went there by Tuk-Tuk, 9 of us in one Tuk-Tuk! Imagine it!!! We stopped at the 7-Eleven by the side of the road in front of my soi. We went in and bought some stuff to eat. Pod bought a bottle of whisky! We went in my house and drank whisky. The phone rang, O picked it up and told me it was Jear. Jear said she will be here at about 1.00 p.m. I said OK and asked her to ring me when she's there in front of the school. We sat down and drank until 12.45 p.m. then I went to take a shower and got dressed. I came out and saw Bird and Na getting ready to go home, they went home first. After I got dressed, I went to sit down and chat with my friends until the phone rang.

We went out straight away by Tuk-Tuk again but this time it was only 7 of us. We were there and saw no-one there. Benz went to find something to eat at the snack shop. He saw 3 girls in there, he ran and told us. I quickly walked there with O. I recognised a girl in white vest and a girl in red vest. They are Ti and Jear and the other one could be Muay. When they saw me and O, Jear shout "Gor! is that you?" I said "Jear?" I went to talk to Jear and O went to talk with Muay. My friends stood there watching. Tai looked at Jear like she was jealous. I stopped talking to Jear and walked to Tai. She smiled at me then I smiled back. We talked to each other and I asked her to come to Srinai school to teach computer with me but she said "No". So I agreed to meet at the petrol station at 4 o'clock. Then I went to teach. I taught until 3.15 p.m.

I went down to the school office to find Richard and asked him to give me a lift back to the petrol station. He took me there and I saw them sitting down waiting for me in the convenience store. I showed them the finger! They ran out to me when I got out of the car and asked who is in the car. I said Richard. I asked them where are the girls? They said in the toilet. When the girls came out, we went to Seacon Square. We walked around there for a short time. I wanted to play bowling or watch a movie but I lost the vote. O asked them to go to his house. We went back to O's house by taxi. When we were there, we talked and played around. I had a fight with Jear, she used a belt to hit me. That hurt a lot! I saw Tai look at Jear like an eagle looking at a mouse! Oops, I keep playing with the wrong person!

After about an hour, O and me went out to take them to the bus stop. I talked to Jear, when will she gonna come again? She said it might be 3rd April. I asked her to drag Tai here as well. She said she will do it! O and I waited until the bus came then we went back to O's house. I talked to O about them. O said Tai is cute and got the whitest skin. I agreed with him. I am not sure I got the right girl that's the problem about going on blind dates. Also, they live far away, it might not work. But she is cute and I like chatting with her. Let's see.......

I decided to sleep at O's house today without telling my parents. I was still angry with them about last night. We were smoking and drinking until O's parents came back. We came downstairs and sat outside O's house. My dad rang, I got O to answer saying I was ill and already sleeping. He scolded O and told O to wake me up. He pretended to wake me up. I answered the phone and he told me to come home right now. I said I won't go because I didn't want to go to their house. I hung up the phone. Half an hour later, he came to O's house and dragged me home. I felt very embarrassed. Not a very good ending to a good day.