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Mon 24 Apr 2017
Chatting with Girls on the Phone
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Tuesday, 28 November 2000 04:57
Monday 27th November 2000:

I went to school early morning to do my homework (copy my friends actually). I rushed to do it until the national anthem started. I then quickly ran down to line up with my friends. I didn't known where one of my friends (Cheetah) had gone, he didn't come down with me. After we finished, we walked up to our classroom at about 8.00 a.m. Sat down on our seat and listened to our teacher talking about duty. Lucky that it's not my duty today! About 8.30 a.m., Cheetah came up to the classroom.

Me: "Why did you come so late?"
Cheetah: "I went to bed late last night"
Me: "Why? What did you do?"
Cheetah: "I talked on the phone"
Me: "What? Talked on the phone? You talked through the night or what?"
Cheetah: "Yes, I talked through the night"
Me: "Are you crazy man? Who were you talking to?"
Cheetah: "I don't know who, I met her on line playing (nearly the same as party line but it's not that expansive and you can't play that long)​"
Me: "How do you play that? I never heard about that before"
Cheetah: "I just rang a number and left a voice message then chose the people to talk to"
Me: "Could you give me the number and teach me how to play? I would like to try it"
Cheetah: "OK, give me a pen and paper then"
Me: "OK friend, thanks a lot"

We went back to our seat and got ready to study.

Lunch time, we went to have our meal. After were full up, we went to play soccer in the playground. About 12.00 p.m., we went up to our classroom to get ready for the next lesson.

After school finished at 3.30 p.m. We didn't go down, we stayed up in the classroom playing cards. I asked Cheetah to teach me how to play "Line Playing" by using Ton's mobile phone. He taught me and now I know how to play, I'll play it tonight. hahaha ....

Tuesday 28th November 2000:

I didn't sleep at all last night because I played on line playing. I got many phone numbers and all of them are girls. I rang one each time and talked all night. I talked to one of them until 6.00 a.m., then I went to take a shower to get ready to go to school. I arrived at school at about 6.45 a.m. and went straight up to the classroom. Suddenly, I fell asleep on my desk. I didn't go down to line up with my friends and the teacher didn't say anything because my friend told her that I had a very bad headache (actually true as I was not just sleepy). I went to the infirmary room to sleep, I took a paracetamol before I went to sleep to pretend that I only had a headache. I slept there all day didn't go to any classes. My friends came in and woke me up after school. We went to have a snack in the cafeteria, they asked me why was I so sleepy like that this morning? I told them that I talked through the night same as Cheetah. They all said the same as me when I spoke to Cheetah before, "are you crazy?" I told them that try yourselves and you will know. Then I gave them the number to play.

Wednesday 29th November 2000:

Last night, I didn't play the line playing because I had to get up early to go to do my cleaning duty. Actually I couldn't really sleep last night because I slept too much yesterday. That's why I got up early. When I was in the classroom, all of my friends both girls and boys were amazed. They said "It must be snowing in Thailand today for sure". I said "What? can't I come early in the morning and do my duty?" Then they said "This is the first time in a year that you have come early to do your duty, I have never seen you do the duty before" I said "ok ok" then I walked to get a broom to sweep the classroom.

In the afternoon after my school finished, I went to my old school to teach Richard's students how to make web site. I went there with Phong and Ton, we are all the teachers!!! When it's in the lesson all of the students respect us as teachers but after the lesson, we are friends. All of them are funny, I like them. Richard keeps teasing me that every year I find another girlfriend in his class. (This is where I first met Yui.) He says that soon I will be too old for his class and that they will call me an "old man".

Thursday 30th November 2000:

P.E. today!!! I love to learn P.E. a lot and today we learned Basketball as well, ha ha ha. I played it all lesson, didn't learn at all. When the lesson finished, the teacher told me to take the balls back to the gym. God, I got to walk up 3 floors with my armful of balls. That's bad, I think this is how my teacher punished me.

Friday 1st December 2000:

Went to school as usual.

Came back home after working on my web site at about 10.00 p.m. My parents told me that many girls rang. I asked who? They said they don't know because lots of them rang. I took a shower and got ready to go to bed. Suddenly, the phone rang, I ran and picked it up. I couldn't remember what her name was at first but later on I could. I told her that tomorrow I have to go to school to have a special lesson, then I put it down. I went up to sleep but I hadn't fallen asleep yet, then the phone rang again. I had a feeling it's for me, yes, that's right. My mum shouted from downstairs to tell me to go down and pick it up. I walked down slowly because I was very sleepy. I asked who is that then my mum told me that "I don't know, how can I know all your girls". I told her to be quiet then went to pick the phone up.

I said: "who is that?"
She said: "your girlfriend, can't you remember?"
I said: "Don't make me angry, I am very sleepy. I don't have a girlfriend. Who is that?"
She said: "Sorry"
I said: "That's ok but could you tell me please who is speaking?"
She said: "I am Nam"
I said: "Who?"
She said: "Nam from line playing, we talked before remember?"
I said: "Ah! ok. I am so sleepy now, could I ring you back tomorrow?"
She said: "Ok, good night!"
I said: "Wait Wait Wait, what is your number? I think I lost it the other day"
She said: "Ok. ... - .... Here it is. Good night and don't forget to ring me back tomorrow, ok?"
I said: "Ok, bye"
She said: "Bye"

Then I put the phone down and went to bed.

Saturday 2nd December 2000:

Got up to go to learn early at 6.00 a.m. I went to brush my teeth and take a shower straight away. I went to my friend's house to go to learn with her (Phrae) at 7.00 a.m. I am now learning at a "cram" school, I don't learn at school on Saturdays anymore. When I was there, I met 5 more friends. They said I came late but I think I didn't. We went to have breakfast with Phrae and her parents. We went to learn at 7.30 a.m.

When I was there, I met my other friends who came before us. There are 6 of them there waiting for us to come. First lesson (8.00 a.m.) we learned Math, it was interesting but it's a bit difficult. After first lesson finished (9.00 a.m.), we went down to have snacks at the snack shop nearby where we learn and we came up to the classroom at about 9.10 a.m. When we came up lesson 2 had already started, we learned society this lesson. It was really boring, I felt sleepy after I came up for a while. My friend woke me up and told me that the lesson had finished and the next lesson will start soon. I got up to go to wash my face in the bathroom and walked back to the class. Now we learned Thai, it was very difficult (because what we learn is Thai grammar which I don't like). Then the 4th lesson we learned English, it's very interesting and really fun. I really like the English teacher because he's very funny. After learning (noon), we went to have our lunch at Seacon Square.Then I went back to Paknam market with my 3 friends (all boys), we went to play "Counter Strike Game" at the internet cafe.

After I finished playing, I went to my old school to update my web site but no one there so I walked back to the market again. I met my older friends at their cartoon book shop so I went to sit down with them. About 8.00 p.m., I helped them close the shop and we had some beer. We drank it until someone was sick then we stopped. I was really drunk and couldn't even walk straight. I couldn't go back home by myself so I had to go on a motorbike with P' Phong (my older friend who I like best). We went back like midnight that day, we didn't go anywhere else just sat there at the shop drinking.

Sunday 3rd December 2000:

I had a very bad headache when I got up. I went straight to the bathroom to wash my face and look for water to drink in the fridge. Then I took some Paracetamol and went back to sleep. The phone woke me up but I didn't pick it up and not long after the phone rang again. I tried my best to sleep because I had a very very bad headache. The phone kept ringing so I went down to pick it up and leave it like that until I felt better.

A few hours later I felt better and went down to take a shower. Before I went to take a shower, I went to put the phone down first. While I was taking a shower, the phone rang. It was Frank, she asked me what happened, why couldn't she ring before so I told her what happened. She asked me do I want to go to Seacon Square to meet her, I said yes straight away and told her to wait for me don't go home first. Then I went back to finish my shower. After, I rang "Ton" and asked him to go with me. He said yes because he was bored staying at home. While I was waiting for Ton, I quickly did my housework, then when Ton came we went to Seacon by taxi. We met her and her friends there, we walked around for a while and went back home. I enjoyed myself a lot and I hope this time will come back again! Will she be my new girlfriend? I am not sure, time will tell.