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Mon 24 Apr 2017
At the Beach and a new Girl
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Saturday, 03 March 2001 05:06
Friday 2nd March 2001:

I got my PCT working today. My mum went to buy it for me. I was really happy because I used my own money to buy it. I used the money that I won in the competition from Nswimmingation Junior. First person who rang me was my mum. Then lots of my friends kept ringing and saying congratulations for my PCT. It isn't as good as a mobile phone as I can't use it outside Bangkok. But it is small and cheap and uses the same number as my house. People press "1" to talk to me or "0" to ring my house. A hundred times better than my pager which I don't use anymore.

I couldn't sleep at night because I was so excited about going to Pattaya tomorrow with my friends. It is the summer holidays now and we are going down to the beach to celebrate.

Saturday 3rd March 2001:

Ton woke me up at 5.30 a.m. I told him yesterday that I'll wake him up at 5 o'clock but it was the opposite. I didn't wake him up, he woke me up! We thought we were late but we weren't. We were the first one at the bus stop. The time my friends talked about meeting was 6.30 a.m. but the time they all came was 7.30 a.m. There was about 30 seats in the bus, it wasn't enough for us. All of the girls could sit down but we stood dancing and singing all the way. Some of the girls tried to sleep but they couldn't, they said we were making so much loud noise.

When we arrived in Pattaya, we ran out of the bus and went to rent deck chairs on the beach. Then the girls went to get changed and came back to put sun cream on. We got changed there on the beach, the girls were watching!!! I asked "Bell" to put the sun cream on my back. The girls had already ran into the sea to play but we were still sitting on the deck chairs. We were drinking and smoking there. It was so free. We drank for a while then we went to play in the sea. I went to rent a rubber tire for 40 baht to play.

I came out of the sea because it was getting a bit hot. I was scared that I'll get darker skin than I have already. I quickly put the after-sun cream on then I came to sit down and drink with my friends. We were smoking and drinking again. They asked me to go to play again, I refused and said that I don't really want to get darker skin! They all ran down to the sea and left me alone there. I wanted to play but I didn't want to get darker skin. At last, I put a load of sun cream on and ran down to play with them. Maybe I will put on some of my mum's whitening cream when I get back home.

We left there at about 4.30 p.m. We wanted to stay longer but all of the girls needed to go back before night. We were planning to stay at my friend's house today and not go home. There are eight of us.

We were up until 4 o'clock in the morning. We were fishing, talking, singing, drinking, smoking and teasing each other. We also made ourselves shrimp on a stick and put it on the fire.

Sunday 4th March 2001:

Got up to go back home early at 7.00 o'clock because my friend had to go to a wedding. We went back by bus and all of us were sleeping. The bus conductor woke us up when we got to the market. We were talking about where to go, then we all agreed to go to my house. We went to my house by song-thaew. When we arrived, we all went to sleep on the floor. We woke up again like 4.00 p.m. Two of my friends went back home. The others said that they didn't want to go home so I said go to sleep at someone's house. So we decided to go to Ton's house and sleep there tonight.

We were playing around until Ton's mum came home. Then she gave Ton some money to pay for our food. We went out to the shop by the side of the road near Ton's house. We had our dinner there and then when we had finished, we went to play snooker which is not far from the food shop. Actually we are not allowed to play it until we are eighteen, strange that the club owner let us play. We played for a couple of games then walked back to Ton's home. On the way back, we went in the little store to buy a bottle of whisky to drink tonight and also buy a can of Coke to mix. We waited until Ton's parents went to sleep then we started to drink. Sometimes three of us went outside to smoke and left the other two drinking inside. I was trying to slow down smoking but it's very difficult when I was there with friends who smoked.

Iphone didn't know what to do, so I picked the phone up and played on-line playing. We got lots of girls' numbers so we rang and talked to them all night. I talked to one girl called "Reen" she is about one year older than me. I like her, I don't know why, maybe because I felt comfortable and I could be myself when I talked to her. I haven't felt like this since I broke up with my "ex". We talked to her until 2 o'clock in the morning. We were drinking as well while we talked to her.

After she had gone to bed, we came to sit down and chat. White and O started to play on the computer. Ton, Benz and me went out to have cigarettes. We came in and saw that White had already slept. He was the one who said that don't sleep tonight!!! Ton and me went to play a game with O. We played for a while, I asked Benz to come to play too but he was already sleeping. O and me went to take his trousers off, we saw his underwear. Ton saw and asked quite loudly "what are you doing?" O and me said "teasing him" then Ton came to help us. White still played games on the computer. O flicked Benz's thing but he still slept then Ton did it again, he didn't move but while I did it, he moved so we went away to play computer because we thought that he would wake up. God!!! He didn't awake, I wonder why he didn't know we flicked his thing. Ton, O and me listened to the music, played games, drank and smoked (O did not smoke). We felt sleepy then we went to sleep at about 4.20 a.m.

Monday 5th March 2001:

Got up at about 1.00 p.m. Ton was the first one who woke up, then me, O, Benz and White. White was the first one who slept last night and the last one who woke up. We told Benz what we did to him last night. He said he didn't believe us so we just ignored it. We went to take a shower and went out to eat. Benz asked us while we were eating that did we really flick his thing last night. We all said "YES" at the same time. He swore at us and tried to kick all of us but missed me!!! We went to play snooker later after eating. We played three games, I was the loser for the third game )-: Came back to Ton's house, played for a while then decided to go to my house.

We walked to my house. Benz went to buy a pack of cigarettes because we had run out. Benz started to smoke when we got in my house. My parents were at work. I went to turn on the radio. O, Ton and White were looking for something to eat in the fridge. We went back to Ton's house at 6 o'clock.

Went out to have dinner. Ton's mum paid for us again! After dinner, we went to buy a bottle of whisky to drink tonight. It cost 75 baht so we paid 20 baht each, not counting Ton. We came back to his house again. O and me read cartoon books, White and Ton played games on the computer and Benz slept while we were waiting for Ton's parents to go to bed. I fell asleep before Ton's parents went to bed. They went to bed at about 11 o'clock Ton said. He woke Benz and me up after they went to sleep. We were drinking and smoking again! I rang Reen and talked to her at about midnight, we were talking for about a couple of hours. I felt strange when I talked to her, felt a happiness that I haven't felt for a long time. We talked until 2.30 a.m. She said that she was very sleepy so I let her go to sleep and told her that I'll ring again tomorrow. We were playing cards, drinking, listening to music, pillow fighting, smoking and went to bed at nearly 5 o'clock in the morning.

Tuesday 6th March 2001:

Got up in the afternoon, went to eat and played snooker. We came back to Ton's house to clear up the place where we slept last night. We went back home at about 4 o'clock. I went back to work on my web sites at school. Back to work after the exams. I haven't come here since my exam started. I can't smoke or drink now because Richard doesn't like it. I promised him I will stop smoking on Songkran Day which is next month. He doesn't believe I can stop because of my friends. But, I will show him.

Came back home to read "Go ask Alice". Read it until 11.30 p.m. then rang Reen to chat but she had already slept. Then I went to take a shower and went to bed.

Wednesday 7th March 2001:

Came to work on my web site as usual.

Back home and rang Reen. We chatted for a while then I asked her for a date and she said "Yes". I was really happy. She was quiet then I asked her what was wrong, she said sorry she felt sleepy so I told her to go to bed. She said she didn't want to hang up because she wanted to talk to me. So I told her that just sleep but don't hang up, I'll be here with you. She said OK then she went to sleep! After a while, she woke up so I told her to hang up and talk again tomorrow. She said she loved me then I said I love you too! I couldn't sleep that night!

Thursday 8th March 2001:

Richard came to pick me up at home. We went to drive around and take some pictures for my web site. We went down to the river and saw lots of fishermen around. We walked around and I took some pictures. Some of the fishermen were fishing and one of them got lots of fish. We went to talk to him, he said that he had been fishing for about 7 hours already. I will never do that, I don't like to wait for long time!

I had an e-mail from Kat (Kat's window) saying that her interview with me will be out on Monday. I was really excited to know that. I'll look forward for Monday!

Came back home and waited for Reen to call. She said that she will ring me at about 11 o'clock but she didn't, she rang me at 10.30 p.m. while I was having a little nap. I woke up suddenly as the phone rang. We talked about ourselves and the date until 2 o'clock in the morning. She went to bed at about 2.15 a.m. She said that 90% sure we can go out on date with me this Sunday and 10% can't because Sunday is the family day, she said she might have to be with her parents. I am looking forward to going and started to plan what we are gonna do.

This is my plan for Sunday: Meet at 10.00 a.m. in front of Seacon then go to play bowling. After that go to watch a movie. Eat ice-cream after the movie then go to take a photo sticker together. Walk around, shopping for some clothes and find some quiet place to sit and talk. Then I'll take her home later!!!

I was thinking about Sunday so I couldn't sleep. I looked at my watch and it was 4.00 a.m. already. I was trying to sleep but I couldn't. I can't wait until Sunday, I am really excited!!! (-;