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Mon 24 Apr 2017
All Alone on Valentine's Day
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Monday, 05 February 2001 05:00
Sunday 4th February 2001:

Got up early to go to do science project at my friend's (Eak) house. It was last day today because we have to present it tomorrow but we still didn't really do it, we played around. We really started doing it in the early evening, we finished it at 2 o'clock in the morning and Tum's mum took me back home.

Monday 5th February 2001:

Went to school early at 7.00 o'clock, very sleepy. I learned Art in the first lesson, I slept in the class with a couple of my friends who did the project with me while other people learned. Lesson 2 and 3 as well, we slept in the class. Woke up for lunch. Had lunch now. I am 100% up, ready to present the project in lesson 6 and 7. Lesson 4 and 5, I pretended that I am reading school book but really I was reading cartoon book. Went to present our project to the teacher in lesson 6, the project passed but the report and board failed. We have got to do it again and present to her on 15th February.

Thursday 8th February 2001:

Richard has gone to hospital to have an operation on his knee. He slipped and twisted his knee 4 months ago!!! I didn't go to school today because it is Makhapuja Day (read about it here). I went with Richard to the hospital. He had a blood test and the doctor said that he will have an operation tomorrow. Richard asked them about going out because nearby this hospital there is a big shopping mall called World Trade Center. The doctor said OK so we went out to watch the movie Red Planet. Came back, sat for a while and then went home by myself. Came back, saw a note saying that they had gone out to the temple to take part in a candle light procession around the temple. I made myself pot noodles, it was really delicious, maybe because I was very hungry. Just my luck!

Friday 9th February 2001:

Didn't go to do my website at Srinai school in the evening so I went to play football with my friends at the city hall. Came back home and called Richard and asked how he is. He sounded dead tired. We talked for a while then I went to take a shower and went to bed.

Saturday 10th February 2001:

Got up early as usual to meet my friends and went to learn together. Today we had a test, we did it until 10 o'clock then we went to play bowling at Seacon. We played for only one and a half hours but other people did it for four hours! I got 4 strikes in a row with 3 spares for bowling. All I got was 199 points, but I came first. We walked around for a while then we decided to go home. But I didn't. I went to visit Richard at the hospital. I went to wait for Phong at the skytrain station, On Nut. I waited for him for about 15 minutes, then he came.

We planned to stay overnight in the hospital. The room there is very big, they have 2 quite big sofas, one we can sleep for 2 people and one for one people. Phong and I sat there reading books, watching TV, playing cards and helped Richard pee. I started reading "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 and a quarter". I pretty like it. It was very funny. This is the first book I read in English. I think I tried to read it before but it was a bit hard so I gave up but this time I will not.

Sunday 11th February 2001:

Got up because the air was switched off by the nurse. I went to switch it back on then I went back to sleep. Now I woke up because the loud noise of the skytrain out of the window. I had to get up because I had no choice. I can't switch it off, can I? I went out to the balcony to take some pictures of the skytrain then came back in to play cards. Richard will leave the hospital today. We left hospital at about 1.00 p.m. We went back to work on our web sites in the computer room.

Still reading Adrian Mole. Found it a bit hard but trying to understand it. At least it is funny.

Tuesday 13th February 2001:

Absent from school because I got to go to get the prize for my web site. This was organised by Nation Junior magazine. I got up a bit late then went to do my housework. We were rushed to go there because we thought we were late but it's not, so we went to eat at Macdonalds at Central City and went back to get the prize. I got 5,000 baht but I had to pay for the tax 250 baht. I'll use this money to buy a PCT phone. I came back to do my science report and board with my friends. We finished at about 10.00 p.m., It was quick today. Before, when we did it at Eak's house, we finished it at 2 o'clock in the morning.

Came back home and read Adrian Mole before bed.

Wednesday 14th February 2001:

Valentine's day today!!!!!!! First I thought that I won't get any presents of roses today but I was wrong. There was a girl from America whose name is Nikki called me straight from America to say "Happy Valentine's Day". We talked for a while then I went to school because it was a bit late already. I rushed walking in the school and went straight up to my classroom. One girl came to me and gave me a rose. It was a dead beautiful rose. I said thanks to her and rushed to go up to my classroom before I got a punishment from my teacher.

My friend told me that the girl who gave me a rose is Mint. He said that Mint likes me. I told him to tell her that we can only be a friend! He told me that the rose Mint bought me cost 400 baht!

I came to Srinai school in the late afternoon to teach as usual. When I walked in the class, the students kept teasing me about that rose. I wasn't shy about that. I taught as usual. When the lesson finished, I went out to the toilet and came back. I sat down in front of the computer room. A girl came up with a Bonsai plant in her hands. I remember that she wasn't the one in Richard's class. She came towards me and gave me that Bonsai. It's shaped like a heart and has a little heart pillow in the middle. I really like it. She said that she likes me and wants to be my girlfriend. I told her that I'll think about it! Forgot to tell that her name is "Kratae".

I worked on my web site as usual. I got hungry so I went down to the kitchen to make myself sandwiches. I put Ham and Cheese in it and I also made Peanut Butter sandwiches. Of course it was very nice, I made it myself! I often have it as snacks not as a meal.

Came back home, went to take a shower, wore pyjamas, read cartoon books and listened to music. 11.00 p.m., rang Frank to say "Happy Valentine's Day". We talked for a while, then I asked her to be my girlfriend. She said that she likes me but she has a boyfriend already. So I told her that if you feel upset and want to talk to anyone, please ring me first and I'll help you figure the problem out. Also you can ring me anytime! She said OK and promised me about that. I felt sad but not that sad because I have felt sadder than this when my "ex" left me.

Lucky that I didn't refuse Kratae!

Thursday 15th February 2001:

Met my friends at school at 7.15 a.m. Went to the meeting room to set the things up for our project work. We have 5 people in our group but the teacher said that we can be at the meeting room two or three at a time to show the project to other students. And she also said that we can't be here all day. I don't think that they listened to her, we were there all day and didn't learn at all. I was there sometimes, out of that I went to play football in the playground or sat reading Adrian Mole.

Saturday 17th February 2001:

Went to get the result for the test last week at my special school. I came 17th and there are 40 people in the class. I got the highest score for English, 38 score out of 50. We left there at 10 o'clock to play bowling again! I played badly today. Whatever, I came first, the second had 2 points less than me! We came back home by bus. In the bus was very windy, we felt sleepy then we went to sleep. I woke up and saw that there were not many people on the bus so I laid down on the seat and went back to sleep. My friends woke me up when we got to the market.

Finished the Adrian Mole book! I thought he has an interesting style of writing. I used some of his words and style in this diary. Did you see? He got some problems exactly like me, for example spots and girlfriends. I think I am going to read "Go ask Alice" next. I saw a review about it in Nation Junior magazine. This is a diary too and looks interesting.