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Sun 30 Apr 2017
DAY 004: Monday 14th July 2003, 12.24 p.m.
Monday, 14 July 2003 23:30
On Day 4 (At Noon), Tai was coming out from the hospital on the wheel chair as she was not 100% fine from the operation yet. Her best friend, Sai, came to help her and to hold my daughter. The picture on the far right, Tai was waiting for the nurse to come out with our daughter.
On the other side of the door which is inside the hospital, the nurse is holding our daughter in her arms waiting for the car to come to park outside. My lovely daughter is sleeping as she was fed before she left the nursery.
Richard came and parked the car right by the door, the nurse then passed my daughter to me to hold. Tai stood up from the wheel chair with her both hands touching her cut stomach. I passed my lovely sleeping daughter to Sai to hold for a minute before we got in the car and left the hospital.