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Sun 30 Apr 2017
Choosing a Name
Saturday, 12 July 2003 23:00

In the picture on the right, we are looking through suggestions for nicknames sent in by visitors to my web site. A lot of care needs to be taken as most people will know our daughter by this name for the rest of her life!

The real name has already been chosen by the monk (see below). Her name will be Chanakarn.

The piece of paper below was written by a monk in our local temple. He consulted the astrology charts to help choose a name for our baby. At the bottom of the piece of paper you can see that he chose the letters:

The first row shows the letters that you can use for the first letter of the name. The second row shows you letters that you are not allowed to use in the name. If we choose a name this way, then she will have more luck in her life.

Out of the many names he could have chosen, he then gave us a shortlist of three names. You can see that he has numbered them on the left to which ones he prefers.. On the right he has written the meaning:

These are the meanings for each name:

(1) Chanakarn = a darling to all people
(2) Yanisa = successful because of their knowledge
(3) Chosita = happiness, lady

After we had read what he had written, we decided to choose Chanakarn. The name sounds nice and it has a good meaning.