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Sun 30 Apr 2017
1 MONTH & 2 DAYS: Wednesday 13th August 2003, 8.30 a.m.
Thursday, 14 August 2003 01:00
After the monk had cut some of her hair, Tai and I took Grace back to my grandmum's house to have her hair shaved. It wasn't that easy to shave off her hair because she kept moving and crying. She always does that when she is hungry or sleepy. But, this is tradition. All of the hair is put on the lotus leaf and then kept for three days. We then floated this on the water making a wish at the same time.
After my grandmum had shaved Grace's hair, she gave her a bath to clean her, left picture. And the picture on the right, my grandmum is putting a dress and pampers on for her. Also in the right picture, you can see some blue flowers nearby her, it's name is "Aunchun". It's a special flower to help your hair and eyebrows grown faster and thicker than it was before.
My grandmum's sister volunteered to handle this job, she is using a pencil and the crushed flowers as ink to draw eyebrows. She is strarting to cry again so my mum gave her a bottle of milk, and then she's quiet! If you are interested, now take a look at my fire-hair shaving ceremony 18 years before.