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Sat 29 Apr 2017
Hotels in Thailand
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Wednesday, 19 November 2008 13:48
How to Find the Best Hotel Rates in ONE Click?

So you are planning to stay in Thailand and looking for a good site to book your accommodation? If you search Google you will notice that pretty much every hotel reservation site in the world offers hotel reservations in at least major Thai tourist destinations. But how do you know which site offers best rates and wouldn’t it be nice to see all hotels in one place? Well, if there is a question then there is an answer and there already exists a site which does exactly that – it compares all major travel sites seamlessly in real time and shows you all hotels on one page and what I like the most is that it shows you the best deals for each hotel. So you don’t have to waste your time looking through all those sites and comparing the rates. Instead just go to – the world’s leading hotel price comparison aggregator, enter your travel dates the city where you’ll be staying and in the matter of seconds Hotels Combined will go out there, pull the hotel info and rates from all those sites and display it to you on a single page with an interface that lets you easily narrow down your search by using their advanced set of filters. Hotel price comparison is nothing new and there are other sites such as and (which is now nothing more than a copy of Kayak), but according to study done by “ far out searches other travel search aggregator sites” – this research shows that such famous sites like and have less available hotels and more expensive rates! Here is a link to the survey - 

When searching through several of Thailand’s popular destinations Hotels Combined returned a very impressive number of hotels in each of those. For example, in Koh Samui it found 267 hotels with prices for many 3 star resorts starting from only $20 per night. In Pattaya it found 182 hotels with prices starting from only $15 per night for Sawasdee Mansion Hotel. For a popular hotel Baiyoke Hotel Pattaya Hotels Combined has found a price of $42 (at and found only one price of $54 (at The same story is repeated for about 70% of hotels.

So, when you’ll be booking your hotel accommodation next time give HotelsCombined a try.

Below is the extract from the blog of Arthur Frommer (founder of He is as well of a very high opinion about this site.

Extract from

There's now an aggregator for finding inexpensive hotel rooms anywhere in the world, and its results seem phenomenal

The Australians have done it. They've created a website called Hotels Combined ( ) that searches every other hotel search engine and every other hotel chain, in popular cities throughout the U.S. and abroad, and then impartially sorts the results by price and reveals them to you. And although it also tells you whether the hotel in question has vacancies for the dates in which you're interested, it does not then proceed to book the room for you. Instead -- and I like this feature -- it advises you to go directly to the hotel they name and request a reservation. You also pay the hotel directly and do not incur a penny's expense for using Hotels Combined.

I have recently found some of the best hotel deals imaginable through the use of Hotels Combined. Example: I recently requested a room in New York for a two-night stay starting June 26. Would you believe that Hotels Combined proceeded to name New York hotels where I could get a room (in properties ranging from cheap hostels to decent tourist class establishments) for $29, $30, $31, $32, $34, $70, $87, $92, $97, $99, $102, $118, and so on -- in what has to be one of the most expensive hotel cities on earth? The Australian service not only surveys hotels directly -- including numerous properties that aren't handled by any of the established hotel search engines -- but also surveys such hotel-finding websites as,,,,,,,,,, and others. (I assume, but haven't yet found, that it also surveys and

Below screenshot shows a price comparison table for Four Seasons Resort. As you can see there are 7 different sites where you can book Four Seasons Hotel at different rates. Notice that Hotels Combined actually searches over 30 major sites, but only shows the rates from sites that actually have some availability. In this case it means that most of other reservation sites didn’t have any availability for this hotel.


For the life of me, I can't find any catch to this service, any overlooked condition, any reason not to use it exclusively for hotel searches (since it surveys every other hotel-finding website, in the same way that an airfare aggregator surveys every other source of airfares, there's no need to go anywhere else).
Have I overlooked anything? If any of the readers of this blog have also used Hotels Combined, could they report on their experiences?