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Sat 29 Apr 2017
Body Piercing
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 24 September 2002 00:00

After thinking for a while, I decide to pierce my tongue.

We walk in and sit on the seats in front of the shopkeeper. He asks me, "Who is going to pierce and where?" I reply to him, "Both of us, I want to pierce my tongue and she wants a navel ring". He gets ready,  changes to a new needle and then asks us "Who’s first?" I am about to point to my girlfriend but I am not fast enough. She answers quicker than me, "Him first". I look at her and say "What?" She says to me that she is scared so she wants me to do it first.

I swap seats with her and then tell the shopkeeper that I am ready to put a hole in my tongue. I open my mouth and stick my tongue out at him. He picks up a pen and marks a spot. Then he asks me to tell him if it looks OK. I look in the mirror and then think about it. Finally I decide to pierce further inside because my dad won’t be that happy if he sees it.

He marks a new spot and then he turns around and takes out some tools from his bag. He uses a kind of clamp to hold my tongue and then he sprays some anesthetic on it. A few minutes later, my tongue feels numb and then he starts to pierce. He works on my tongue for nearly one minute and then he tells me, "It’s done". I can’t believe what he says because it was so fast and it didn’t hurt that much. I ask the shopkeeper about that boy before us. He says he overreacted.

Tai comes to sit where I sat and then opens her shirt to show her belly button. The shopkeeper changes the needle to a new one and then turns to Tai. I sit nearby and hold her hand while the shopkeeper tells her not to look. Tai sits properly and looks straight forward. He begins to pierce after he marks her belly button. Tai tries to look down when the needle goes through her skin. I stop her in time before she does. I tell her that if she looks she will feel faint and the needle might hurt her more. After he finishes piercing Tai, he gives us some medicine to take for the pain. I say "thank you" and then pay the money.

 After that day, it took about a week for me to get used to the ring. It wasn’t always easy when I ate food. Sometimes I bit down on the ring when I was chewing and it hurt a lot. I also tried my best not to let my dad see it but he did in the end. He yelled at me a lot and told me to take it out.

Until now, I still haven’t taken the ring out of my tongue. I won’t take it off not even when I go to school or when the teacher tells me. I will take it off only when it causes me a problem when I go to teach at my old school. So far none of my students there have seen it. I hope that none of them are reading this story!

Now I am thinking about having a nipple ring. I have seen it before in a movie. I think it looks cool. One of my friends has done it before but he took it off after only three days. He said it hurt very very much. Too much for him to take. Also, it looks bad when it gets infected. When I thought about what he said and then imagined it, I felt freaky. Still, I am now considering getting a nipple ring. I really want to have it and I will get it one day. I will tell you if that day comes. Maybe show you as well! However, I am not that brave and crazy yet.

What about you? Are you crazy enough to have a nipple ring?