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Thu 27 Apr 2017
Wedding Invitations
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 11 November 2003 00:00

I am sitting at the desk chewing the end of a pen. My girlfriend has gone to make me another black coffee. We are both trying to think of names of people to write on the invitations. We have so many friends that we cannot really invite them all. At least Tai and I have written down all the names of the important people.

It now feels like I have been living in my future mother-in-law’s house forever. Everything is now completely fine apart from some arguments and fights I had with Tai. (After the last one I ended up in the hospital and had to have stitches, but I will tell you about that another day!) Everything else is working really well. I feel like I am now living in my own home.

But, that’s not the only good thing that has happened to me since I moved here. There is one more good thing, the most important thing I have been wanting to come true for a very long. If you haven’t guessed already, my good news is that I am going to get married!

My grandmother brought up the subject again when we went to visit her the other week. At first I was thinking that she was just joking with me. But, she was serious. She told me that she had already spoken to Tai’s mum. You might remember that last time Tai’s mum was asking for more than 100,000 baht for the sin sod (dowry). As this was too much for my family to afford they then cancelled the wedding.

I couldn’t believe it when my grandmum said that Tai’s mum was happy and proud of me. She even said that I am a good father! I was so happy about it. Then I asked my grandmum about the dowry. She said that Tai’s mum had now agreed to only forty thousand baht!

A few days later, both families met at my Grandmother’s house to talk about the wedding. The truth is, I didn’t really want to go to the meeting. I was thinking that it would turn out to be like last time with all talk and no decisions. I really didn’t want to get hurt like the time before when I thought we were going to get married and then it was cancelled because of the dowry.

But, when the time came for the meeting, I left work early and drove to my grandmother’s house. When I arrived there, my parents and both of my grandmums were there already. Grace, Tai and her mum were not there yet. I felt a bit nervous about what was going to happen so I kept walking around the house until my grandma scolded me and told me to sit down.

A short while later, Tai’s mum came with Tai and Grace. Tai was holding Grace in her arms and feeding her a bottle of milk. I was really nervous and anxious, but after I heard our parents talking about the wedding seriously and working everything out and agreeing on everything, I felt so much better and stopped worrying. I really think it is important to get married. At least it’s one of the ways to show proper respect to the girl and her family. Don’t you think so?

Yesterday, my parents came to Tai’s house and gave Tai a plastic bag. We opened it up and saw the wedding cards! I felt so good that at last there would really be a wedding between Tai and myself. I felt so happy. There would be no turning back now!

I have got to go now. There are many more invitations I have to finish before the post office closes. Of course, I would love to invite you all and the many friends I have made around the world. I know that is not possible so you can follow the preparations for the wedding and the day itself on my web site.