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Sat 29 Apr 2017
The Policeman and the Motorcycle
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 23 April 2002 00:00

The big day came at last. The day I was going to have my own motorcycle. I rang my aunt to find out about the best day and time to buy a motorcycle. She said the monk told her that I could buy it any day but it has to be convenient for me, nothing else going on. He also said that it would be better for me to buy it in the morning not in the afternoon or evening. I was kind of curious about that but I was too lazy to bother about it. I thanked my aunt and then hung up the phone.

The next morning I said a short prayer to the spirit house in our front garden and then I went to buy the motorcycle with my dad. We were at the motorcycle shop at about 10 o’clock. The motorcycle I wanted is called "Wave 110". It is a popular one, lots of people use it. It’s popular because it is a good price, not too expensive and not too cheap. Also you can do lots of things with it. You can make it more powerful, make it look more cool, make the sound louder, etc. Also, this is the one most people use to race at night time! I have gone to watch them race a few times, it was really fun. But it wasn’t fun when the police came. We had to run away quickly. If they caught us, we would have to sit down in the police station until sunrise.

My dad checked the bike and he went out to ride it for a while. He came back and said it was OK, no problem or anything wrong. We paid the money and they gave me a free helmet and jacket. My dad went back to work while I went to fill up the petrol. Before he left he told me to make sure I put on the helmet. I asked him why I have to wear it, none of the police in Paknam are strict. He stared at me and said "Just wear it and don’t even think like that. One day you will know".

The first time I stepped near my bike, I felt strange, very strange and very excited. Now my dream has come true. I got on my bike and rode it to the petrol station. When I rode it, I felt like I was flying in the air and the whole world was mine. I was really really really happy. Since I got my bike, everything has been easier and more comfortable. I use it to go to the post office, use it to pick up some girls, use it to ride around, etc.

Oh yes, can you remember I said that the police are not strict about helmets around my city? Well, guess what happened to me the other day? I got stopped by a policeman by the market while I was taking one of my girls to her friend‘s house. He fined me 200 baht for not wearing a helmet. Now I have learned my lesson after losing my 200 baht. Well, maybe not yet. Keep reading.

Nearly a month has now passed and lots of things have been going on since I bought the motorcycle. I was thinking that maybe I should change the name of this story to "The Monk was Right". So far I have been stopped by policemen twice for not wearing a helmet. Also two of my friends borrowed my motorcycle and had an accident. Actually, two accidents in one week by two different friends. Then yesterday I hit a car while I was taking my girlfriend home. No one was hurt but my motorcycle is a mess. I have taken it to the garage to be fixed. I hope it will be finished in time for Songkran because I want to go out on my bike with my girls. If I don’t have a motorcycle, I won’t be happy for sure.