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Thu 27 Apr 2017
Teenage Parents
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 05 November 2002 00:00

In October of every year, there is a famous fair called Phra Samut Chedi Temple Fair in Samut Prakan. It is the biggest fair that only happens once a year in my province. The fair goes on for nine days and nine nights.

While I was walking around with my girlfriend at the fair, I accidentally bumped into someone walking behind me. I turned my head to say sorry. It was a teenage girl who was holding a young baby. When she looked up at me, I felt that I knew her or had seen her somewhere before but I couldn’t remember. I started to walk away and then I heard someone calling out my name "Gor!"

I looked but couldn’t see where that voice came from until my girlfriend pointed to a teenage boy. It was Boat. Then I knew and remembered that girl straight away. She is Boat’s girlfriend, Nut. I hadn’t seen them for a long time. I said "hello" to him by punching him on his left shoulder and jokingly asked him "How are you Daddy? Whose baby is that?" He replied that it was his which took the smile off my face.

We went to find somewhere to sit down and talk about the old days. We were both butterfly boys and we liked to play around a lot with girls. But now everything has changed. I have slowed down because I now have a serious relationship and Boat now has a young baby called "Bright". He told me that his life has changed a lot. Now that he has a son, he has a big responsibility to look after a human life.

Boat had to go out and find a part-time job so he could look after his new family. He didn’t have any skills so he had no choice about the job. He had to do any job he could find in order to save up money for the baby. He told me he first found a job at a petrol station but that didn’t last long. Then he got a job as a newspaper boy. But he couldn’t wake up early in the morning so that one didn’t last long either. He now does odd jobs for different people.

He also found it difficult learning. He was so tired at school he couldn’t concentrate. But he kept going. They both decided at the start that it was important for him to finish school. But Nut had to leave school and go to live with Boat and his parents. Her own parents had died not long before in a suicide pact. Her father killed her mother and then he shot himself. A very sad story that was in all the newspapers.

Once the baby was born, Boat was very happy. But he soon found out that all of the money he was earning had to go for the baby. He had no cash to spend on himself. He said he hadn’t bought any new clothes for himself since the baby was born. He also had to stop hanging out with his friends as he had to spend all his time looking after the baby, studying or working. That is why I hadn’t seen him for a long time. His life has now changed forever. It will never be the same again.

Only a few of my friends have babies. I think teenage parents are quite rare. If any of my friends got their girlfriend pregnant, most of them took her to get an abortion. This might be more common than you think because most of my friends’ parents didn’t know anything about it. It is quite easy to get an abortion in a back street clinic. But because it is illegal it is also very risky. Something could go wrong and the mother could die or get a bad infection.

I will talk more about teenage abortions and what I think has gone wrong with sex education in schools in another story.

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