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Thu 27 Apr 2017
Old Before My Time
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 25 March 2003 00:00

We have now moved out from my grandmother’s house and have already moved in to our new house. (That sounds good saying that.) At first when we moved in, we were both scared and excited. It was kind of fun for a while but later on we realised that it is quite a big job living on our own. We started to think that maybe we shouldn’t have moved out after all.

My girlfriend and I have to do every single thing in the house by ourselves. There are many problems that we have to sort out and as we don’t have a telephone we cannot ring our parents for advice. Since the first day we moved into the new house, the first thing I learned is that every single thing costs money. Even if it is a small thing, it still adds up.

The house was empty when we first moved in — just a few tables, chairs and a bed. We didn’t even have a refrigerator or kitchen sink. We still don’t have one. It is more than we can afford. We had to buy essential things first like plates, a pot, a pan, bucket, mop, etc. At first when we went to the supermarket I thought it would be quite cheap. But, the first time at the checkout I found out it was over 1000 baht! I now have to learn how to budget my money, if not, I won’t have any left for when the baby comes.

Every day, after we wake up in the morning, we go to the bathroom downstairs and then wash our face and teeth. After that, we go out to the market and buy some fresh food. We have to buy food every day because it will quickly go off in the hot weather. We then take it back home and start cooking it. I am really enjoying the cooking part now. Whenever there is a cookery show on television I always stop to watch.

By the time we have finished breakfast and done the housework it is nearly 11 o’clock. It is then time for me to go to work on my web sites. I sometimes feel lazy about going out to work. Especially now when I don’t have the motorcycle. It is in the garage being fixed after my last accident. I have to walk out to the main road, which is about 500 metres away from my house. I then have to get on two different buses to go to work.

After I finish working at the office every day, I have to come back to my house. I can’t sleep at the office like I used to in the past or go out all night with my friends because there is someone waiting for me at home. She is waiting for me to go back home every day. I can’t leave her home alone.

When I get home I like to put my feet up and read my cartoon books. But usually there is more work to do— like going out to buy food or a big bottle of drinking water. Washing clothes is also a big job that has to be done often. We don’t have a washing machine so we have to wash the clothes by hand and then hang them up at the back of the house.

We did have some regrets about moving out, but I made the decision already so I can’t just give up now. I have to move on because I have another two lives to look after. I have to pay for my mistake by growing older earlier than I should. Now, I am old before my time. It’s funny, when I was a kid, I always acted older than I really was. But now, I really want to go back in time to when I was a kid with no responsibility. Just playing around all day and then coming back home to eat and sleep!