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Thu 27 Apr 2017
Nine Monks and a Wedding
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 02 December 2003 00:00

The nine monks are now getting out of the pick-up truck and starting to walk into my fiancee’s house one by one. I am standing with Tai with our hands together in the proper way to pay respect. Yesterday I didn’t think we would be ready on time but it looks like everything will go to plan.

Richard came to the house last night at about 5pm to set up the computer for the web cam. About one hour later, Tai’s mum finally came back and took us out to buy the presents. We shopped around for nearly four hours until we finally had bought everything.

Back at the house, there was a message to say that my parents had telephoned. I called them and my mum said I had to go to sleep at their house tonight. She also said that a neighbour would look after baby Grace during the wedding.

I was disappointed that my daughter wouldn’t come but I understood why. In Thai culture, it is not good that a couple has a baby before they are married. I said OK to my mum and told her I would go back home soon. She then asked me about where we had been. I told her about the things Tai’s mum had forgotten to buy. Before she hung up, she said don’t forget to wrap up the clothes.

I went to tell Tai’s mum about wrapping the clothes. She said she didn’t know that. She then gave us some money to go out to buy some wrapping paper. It was 9 o’clock by then so most of the shops were closed. We had to ride around for quite a long time until we eventually found a shop. When we came back I was really tired. I gave a goodnight kiss to Tai and then caught a taxi to my parents’ house.

As it was already late I thought everyone would be in bed. But, when I arrived, my parents were still up and working. My dad was cutting some foam into the shape of our names to stick on the wall tomorrow. My mum was wrapping the phaa wai clothes with red paper. They seemed to be very busy so I sat down and helped them.

The next morning, my mum woke me up at 5:30am. I quickly jumped up and went straight to take a shower without any complaint. I am not usually like this but today is my wedding day! I was really excited. I got dressed into my dad’s suit and helped my parents get everything ready. We left home at about 6:00am.

We arrived at Tai’s house half an hour later. I was pretty scared to get out of the car as my legs were shaking hard. I didn’t know how I really felt then, as there were so many feelings racing through my body. I took a deep breath and then got out of the car. After only one step I felt that everyone was focused on me. I didn’t really know what to do. Then my mum came up to me and asked me to go to the hairdresser’s with her. I quickly nodded and ran after her.

In the hairdresser’s, I was shaking like a baby bird. I looked outside to Tai’s house and could see that lots of people were walking around doing this and that. I looked up higher to the third floor. I saw Tai there on the balcony! She smiled and waved at me. I did the same thing back to her. I don’t know why, but from that moment on I felt so much better.

Tai and I are now sitting in front of the head monk. My wedding is going to start in a few moments. We grasp each other’s hand real hard and smile at each other. I am very happy. It is the most exciting experience I have ever had.

Come back next week to read about my wedding!