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Thu 27 Apr 2017
Nightmare in Sukhothai
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 26 March 2002 00:00

Time has gone quickly since last summer. Now I have to start planning my photo trip for this summer. My school has a web site called and I am one of the chief photographers. I am very excited and happy. I am not sure where I will go this year. I take a look at the map of Thailand on the wall. There are quite a lot of pins in it already. I look around the map and then I see a pin from last year. It’s Sukhothai in the north of Thailand. I remember about that trip. It was the worst trip I have ever been on in my whole life. It was a nightmare.

On this trip, I stayed in a guesthouse called Baan Thai in Sukhothai. The guesthouse is near the Ping River. Here, I met and talked to lots of foreigners among them an English couple. They had been there for a few days already. They told me that this is a nice place to stay. They also told me that they were about to get married. They said that they wanted to see the world before they got married and before they had a baby. We talked for a while and then I went to bed because I had to get up early to go to take pictures.

While I was sleeping, I heard water splashing somewhere and also people talking about something. I didn’t pay attention because it felt like I was dreaming. A little while later Richard (Barrow, Gor’s teacher) woke me up. I opened my left eye and looked at my watch. It was 2am.

I opened both of my eyes and got up. Then I realized that our room was full of water. It was about to come over my bed. I didn’t know what to do because I was shocked. Then Richard told me to get off my bed and grab our stuff. He was looking for our laptop under the water. I jumped down to rescue our bags but it was too late. I took everything I could find out of the water and put them on the bed.

Richard found our laptop. It was under the water near my bed. He held it up and water poured out of it. I was very sad when I saw it. The laptop was broken, that means we had lost all of our work.

I opened the door and looked outside. It was really bad. The water was very high. I saw that everyone was packing their stuff away quickly and moving to higher ground. I saw a few girls come out from their rooms in their underwear and bras!!! I was sure that they had no time to be embarrassed while it was flooding like this. Everyone was worried that the river would burst it’s banks.

I walked around taking some pictures and then I went to sit down with Richard. He told me that we couldn’t go on anymore, we needed to go back. I agreed with him. We had no more clean clothes. Although the cameras were OK, the battery charger was wet and the memory cards for the cameras were nearly full. Without the laptop we couldn’t download any of the pictures. So, we packed our stuff in the car and as the sun started to rise we drove back home.

Now I have to start planning my trip for this year. After my last trip, I have learned a lot. Now I will be extra careful so nothing bad will happen. Of course I was sad that I had lost the laptop and a lot of my work. But these things happen. If we worry too much about what might happen we will be too scared to leave our homes.

Now, where shall I go? Maybe this time I will go to the northeast of Thailand. I hear that they have long droughts there!