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Thu 27 Apr 2017
My New School
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 18 June 2002 00:00

Can you remember your first day at school? Can you remember how you felt when you first stepped into your new classroom? If you can, you will know how I felt when I started my new life at BBC or Bangkok Business College.

I remember that day very well. It was the day that I started to grow up a little more and be more mature. I was very excited, also a little nervous and scared about my new life there in the big city – a place with lots of temptations. Would it change my life and if so how?

At 4:30am my alarm clock rang loudly and woke me up. I grabbed my towel and went straight down to the bathroom to take a shower. I spent quite a long time getting ready. My new uniform is all white so I have to be careful when I wear it. After I had put the uniform on, I started to do my necktie. It wasn’t that easy for me to do as I have never worn one before. I spent like 20 minutes just trying to do it up. After that I went to put on my black socks and my shiny black shoes and left the house to go to meet my friends.

At the main road I saw two of my friends, Boat and Not, waiting for me. I said "hi" and asked them how long had they been waiting. They said they had just arrived about five minutes before. At 6:30am, Wat arrived. He was late. We quickly got in his car and shared some money for the petrol, expressway and parking. Wat drove as fast as he could but the traffic was pretty bad so we couldn’t go that fast.

We arrived at the college in plenty of time for the first lesson at 7:30am, so then we didn’t need to rush anymore. Before we got out of the car we all used a comb and talcum powder. We needed to look both cute and smart when we got in the college. First impressions are very important when there are girls around. After we had finished that, we walked to the college, to the building where we would study.

My classroom has two air-conditioners with two rows of long white desks. There are four students on each desk and everyone sat by their student number. There are 46 students in our class, 14 boys and 32 girls. Not and I sat right at the back. We really like it because there is some space at the back for us to nap or stretch our legs. Also, we are sitting under the air-conditioner so it is not too cold or too hot for us. In one day, we take three subjects: two periods per subject and a break at 10:30am until 11 o’clock and finally finish at 12:30pm.

My first day was really good though I was pretty tired. I have got lots of new friends. I am happy to learn here though I would be happier if I could spend some time hanging out with my friends after school. But I know that I can’t. My parents aren’t rich like their parents. Also, I am not really that kind of teenager anymore. I am a working man now. While they are going out to have fun at Siam Square after studying, I will always be alone on the crowded bus on the way back to Paknam and my work.

I know that I might be more mature than them because I have my own business and responsibilities but I don’t think they will understand that. I wish I could talk to them like I used to do in the past. Now when they talk about things they have done I don’t feel like I am a part of it as I wasn’t there. I have a feeling that some things will never be the same again.