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Thu 27 Apr 2017
My Brother's Problem
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 11 June 2002 00:00

For three days now my younger brother hasn’t gone to school. No one in my family really knows what the problem is. Nor do I. But the last thing I want is for him not to go to school because of me. I hope that he didn’t copy my bad habits from the past. Now I need to find out the problem and fix it for him. I am sure that I understand him more than my parents because my age is closer to his and I still remember what it was like when I was a kid.

My brother’s name is Guy. He is the fourth person in my family after my parents and me. His birthday is on the 16th of December. He is eleven years old right now, which is about five years younger than me. He is in Prathom 5, but he looks older than that. He is quite short, fat and has dark skin. Do you believe that he weighs about 55 kilo while I am only 53 kilo? If he jumped on me, I would be stuck on the floor for sure!

Now let’s talk about the problem. One day, I came downstairs and saw my mum crying in the living room. She hadn’t gone to work because she was trying to talk to my brother. But he wouldn’t say anything to her. He just sat there crying. She told me that Guy had tried to kill himself. She said he held a cooking knife against his neck and said that if anyone came near him, he would cut himself. I was laughing after I heard that. I asked my mum why she didn’t just tell him to do it. I am sure that he wouldn’t do it really, he is only eleven. But my mum said she knew that but what would happen if Guy really did it? She said it’s better not to take a risk. I agree with her now.

I told my mum to calm down then I went to talk to Guy. It took me a while to find out what was wrong. In the end he told me that the problem came from his class teacher. He said she didn’t like him and kept punishing him. I asked him why it was like this and he said it started from the time when he didn’t want to give some money to the teacher. I asked him what the teacher wanted the money for. He replied that it was for the school. Soon they would be going to the temple to make merit. So every classroom teacher had to collect money from their students.

After he had finished telling me that, I asked him why he hadn’t given some money to the teacher? We are not a rich family but I knew my mum gave him pocket money. He didn’t say anything so I asked him again; then he replied. He said that he was saving up his pocket money to buy a bicycle. He also said that he wanted to buy it with his own money like I had bought my motorcycle. He didn’t want to bother our parents about it as they worked hard.

I was very pleased with him when I heard that and very mad about his teacher. I guessed that she wanted her class to collect the most money in the school so that she could show off to other classroom teachers. I told my brother not to worry about what happened. Really, donating is up to each person, you don’t need to do it if you don’t want to. There are other ways of making merit without having to give money. I told him to go to wash his face. Then I went down to talk to my mum. I told her what he had said and she said she would go to talk to the principal straight away. Hopefully, he will now go back to school as normal.