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Thu 27 Apr 2017
Moving Out
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 04 March 2003 00:00

For a month now, my grandmother has been discussing with my girlfriend’s mum about the dowry we have to pay her. At last it was decided that my girlfriend’s mum doesn’t want to bring the price down. That means I have to find one hundred thousand baht to give to Tai’s mum before we can get married. Anyway, that doesn’t count the cost of four baht gold, worth about thirty thousand baht, which I have to give to her by Thai tradition.

From my experience, I think it’s really not that expensive compared to what other families ask. For example, one of the families I know asked for one million baht and ten baht gold, which is altogether about one million and eighty thousand baht!

I was thinking that wedding bells would be ringing by now. I am very disappointed that it hasn’t happened. I know that these days more people are having a baby before getting married. A few of my friends have babies and aren’t married. But for me, I don’t really want to do it that way. It’s quite important for me to get married first so that we can be a proper family. However, there is nothing I can do about it at the moment. I will have to work full time just to save up enough money for the baby.

My girlfriend and I are still living with my grandmother at her house. But the other day, I started to feel that we should move out to stay elsewhere. I am not saying that living with my grandmother is a bad thing; it’s quite nice and comfortable but that is not a thing I should be doing now. I just think that my girlfriend and I have to start living on our own. That way, we will be able to learn to live together as a family, do everything by ourselves and find the answers to the problems that are going to happen.

After thinking about it by myself, I went to talk to my girlfriend and ask for her opinion. She said she agreed. She also told me that she already has a place for us to live. Her parents had bought her a house a long time ago and now someone is renting it. She said she would ask her mum to tell those people to move out.

Now we have agreed that we want to move out plus we have sorted out about where to live. Another thing for us to do was to talk and explain it to my grandmother. But, we were both too scared to do it by ourselves. We were worried that she wouldn’t understand and it would upset her. I didn’t know whether I should tell her myself or not.

At last I decided to go to talk to my parents about it. My mum said that it’s good that we thought about that. She said she was worrying about us having a baby because we are too young. But after we talked to her, she said she was feeling better. She said it showed her that we had grown up and were ready to be parents. She said we showed her that age doesn’t matter for us to be good parents as long as we have responsibility like this. After we finished talking, my mum promised that she would talk to my grandmother for us.

We are now looking forward to this weekend as we are going to move out from my grandmother’s house. I am very excited and wonder what it will be like living alone with my girlfriend.

I know that family life isn’t easy especially for young adults like us. But, at least I am ready to face every new problem that is going to happen to us without running away. My girlfriend and I will help each other with every single thing. Plus, we will always have each other.