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Thu 27 Apr 2017
Midnight Rendezvous
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 01 October 2002 00:00

It is about ten minutes to midnight and the rain is pouring down. I am sitting on my motorbike in the dark alone near my girlfriend’s house. I am waiting for her to come out from her house to meet me. I can see the lights on in her bedroom. I am guessing that she knows I am here waiting for her. She must be getting herself ready.  She is going to sleep with me at my house tonight and then go straight to school tomorrow morning. I am wondering why she is taking so long. I am starting to get scared that someone might think I am a thief and call the police.

For the last month I have been going to pick her up to come to sleep at my house. At first it was just sometimes, but now it is nearly every day. When I am near Tai’s house, I always stop at a convenience store to buy some drinks, candies etc. and also give her a call. I ring to tell her that I am not that far away so she can get everything ready to come out. I also need to tell her to be quick. She rarely comes out to wait for me so I have to call her when I arrive at the 7-Eleven. I wait for her there. When I see her coming out of the house, I start the engine of my bike and then ride to pick her up.

Tai told me that her parents were divorced a long time ago. Tai is now living with her mum and her younger brother. Her mum has her own company and her house is a small factory. She is very busy, maybe too busy, with her work. Tai told me that her mum usually goes to bed at 10:30pm. and wakes up at about 7:30am. Tai said that she always goes to school before her mum wakes up. She also told me that since her mum divorced her dad, her mum never comes to check on her or her brother anymore. So, Tai said that it is no problem for her to sneak out of the house late at night.

Myself, I am more worried about her father. Even though Tai’s parents are divorced, her dad still has a right to look after her. We are really scared about this because he is a policeman. It is quite easy for him to put me in jail. For sure one day he will find out about us. You can‘t keep a secret forever!!! Now we just hope that he won’t know about us soon and wish that Tai’s mum will stay fast asleep every night in her bed.

Now, let’s talk about my parents. I have had lots of girlfriends before I started going out with Tai. They knew most of my girlfriends and they didn’t really like any of them. But, it is different with Tai. They told me they’ve loved her since the first time they met. My mum told me that Tai is a nice girl. She is very polite and has lots of respect towards older people. My parents said that they would love it if Tai became their daughter.

The rain is stopping now and the light in her bedroom is off. I am turning my motorbike around and getting ready to go as soon as she comes out. I am looking back to her house and see someone walking towards me. It’s Tai. I am starting the engine of my motorbike and turning the light on. She is putting her school bag in the basket in front of the motorbike, then coming to sit behind me. We are leaving there as soon as we can. Now we are talking about a place to eat. I tell her that I don’t mind about eating. "I am with you now and I am very happy." That’s all I know at the moment.