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Thu 27 Apr 2017
In and Out of Hospital
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 01 April 2003 00:00

I am back again in my local hospital. The doctor still doesn’t know what’s wrong with me. I have visited this hospital so many times. Every time I always have the same problem. There are red spots like mosquito bites around my eyes, and after a while all of the spots come together and become one big spot. It makes me look like a fat gold fish with big round eyes!

I have been in the hospital for three days now. I am hoping that the doctor will come in this afternoon with the result of the tests. I really want to know what is wrong with me. Also, I am pretty bored staying in the hospital. I want to go home.

On the first day, a nurse took me to my room. When I arrived, she told me to take off all of my clothes! She said I needed to change from my ordinary clothes to the hospital clothes. I told her that I would change by myself, so I went into the toilet to get changed. A few minutes later I came out wearing the pink pyjamas. It was a bit embarrassing.

Next, she told me that she had to take blood and urine samples. As soon as I heard her, I shouted "What! Blood too?" I am really scared of the needle and hate injections. She didn’t seem to care and got the needle out. It was pretty big compared to the ones that they usually use. I quickly closed my eyes and bit down hard on my teeth. A few seconds later she told me that she had finished. Then she handed me a small bottle. She told me to go to the toilet and collect my pee in that bottle.

During the first night, I had a bad dream about that needle. I woke up a couple of times and couldn’t really get back to sleep. The next day I was thinking that I would sleep all day but I couldn’t. I had visitors all day: my relations, my friends, etc. It’s good that they all came to visit me but why did everyone have to come on the same day? God! I wanted to rest.

It is now day three and I am sitting on my bed watching television with my girlfriend. She has been sleeping at the hospital on the sofa keeping me company. Then I hear someone knocking. The door opens wide and a doctor comes in. He asks me how I feel. I reply that I am pretty fine. Then he takes a big folder out and tells us that the results of the tests have come out. We are very happy to hear that.

But, he says that he has two questions to ask me before he tells me the results. He asks me if I knew whether my dad smoked near my mum while she was pregnant with me? I reply "Probably yes. He is a smoker." He says "OK" then he asks me another question: "Do you smoke?" I reply, "Yes". He says, "OK, now listen to me carefully."

The doctor told me that I have a weak resistance. That is what made me ill a lot like this. Also, it wasn’t helping that I am a heavy smoker too. So he suggested that I should quit smoking straight away.

Yes, I know what you are thinking. I have tried to quit before and failed. But, I have been thinking hard about this ever since the doctor left my room. I have finally decided I am going to stop smoking. Not only for myself but for my unborn baby as well. I have a big responsibility now for another life. I mustn’t be selfish and only think about my own comfort. I don’t want my children to have bad health like me just because I smoked in front of them. I vow that from now on I will quit smoking.