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Thu 27 Apr 2017
Hit by A Lotus Flower
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 29 October 2002 00:00

One day in October, I went to Bang Phli Yai Nai temple in Samut Prakan to make merit. The reason was because I was feeling like I had no good luck left. Everything was going wrong. For example, the day before I lost a 1000 baht banknote while I was rushing to go to the post office before it was closed. Also the other week, I lost my mum’s mobile phone while I was sleeping by the side of the road. But that is another story.

 The other reason I wanted to go to Bang Phli was for an important festival called "Rap Bua". So, I thought I would go and kill two birds with one stone and take some pictures for my web site too. If you didn’t know, that is a popular English saying. I am not really going to the temple to kill two birds! I just mean that I am going to do two things in one visit!

We set off for the temple early in the morning. By the time we arrived it was already crowded so we had to park far away. I was so sweaty when we reached the temple. The sun was starting to get hot and it was very crowded. Thousands of people were standing on each side of the canal. I walked up some steps to the top of the bridge where I stopped to take some pictures. Before I could walk down to the other side, some policemen came up to clear the people from the bridge.

The policemen were saying that the Buddha image was about to come and no one should be above its head as it goes under the bridge. They told everyone to go down. But people at the bottom kept pushing and trying to come up. The bridge was made from wood and it is not strong enough for the hundreds of people who were there. It was starting to creak and was making some groaning noises. I felt very scared. I didn’t want to swim in the canal with all my clothes on.

When the boat with the Buddha image arrived, I started to take some pictures. There were lotus flowers flying everywhere. Everyone was trying to throw flowers onto the boat as it passed by. But not that many people could throw far enough so there were lots of lotus flowers in the water. Some people were really bad throwers and some of the lotuses hit my head!

After the boat had gone, I went to the temple to make merit. First, I stopped to buy three incense sticks, a candle, three gold leaves and some flowers. I then got down on my knees to pay respect to the Buddha image. I lit my candle and incense sticks and began to pray to the Buddha image. I asked him to bless me and bring back my good luck.

After I finished my prayers, I stood the incense sticks in the big bowl of sand and then came back to prostrate myself on the floor three times. Then I picked up the flowers I had bought and walked to place them in another bowl by the entrance of the bot (main shrine). I went inside the bot with the three gold leaves. I put those on the Buddha image and then prostrated myself three times again.

I am very happy that I went to make merit that day. I am feeling much better now even though my problems are still the same. Maybe I should go to the temple more often to make merit and relax my brain. Also, I am very happy that I went to the "Rap Bua Festival". Now I can tell my friends or anyone else, that I have been there already. What about you? Have you been to the "Rap Bua Festival"? If you haven’t, you should find some free time to go there next year. It is really fun and interesting even if it is hot and crowded.