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Thu 27 Apr 2017
Hiding Under a Rock
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 02 March 2004 00:00

On the night I ran away from home, I was riding around with Tai on my motorcycle. She was laughing and we were having fun chatting. We were going in circles as I was trying to find the right time to talk to her about something important.

After I got myself in the right mood, I started the conversation with her about “growing up”. I tried my best not to make it look like I was complaining about her spending all of her time eating, sleeping and spending money. But as soon as she realised what the topic was about, she suddenly changed her mood like a coin being flipped.

This is really a very old subject that has been going on for a pretty long time. We had talked about it before but we had never solved the problem. I had given her so many chances for her to act more like an adult. We always ended up with her saying that she understood the problem and promising not to do it again. But she never changed.

After two hours of arguing I wasn’t getting anywhere and things were definitely worse. Talking on the motorcycle wasn’t really a good idea. I had to concentrate on driving and couldn’t really argue back. She finally misunderstood something I said and became really angry with me. I tried to keep calm and focused on driving home as fast as I could. But, all the way to her house, I was her punchbag.

I was really glad when we finally arrived at the house because she stopped hitting me and ran inside. I parked my motorcycle properly and followed her up the steps. I tried to talk to her calmly but it wasn’t really going very well. She was so angry and didn’t want to talk about it. She yelled at me and said that I was boring.

I turned around and was about to walk downstairs. But then she said something very bad about Grace, which really made me angry. I turned around and asked her to repeat what she just said. She hit me real hard and shouted at me. All of a sudden, I lost control of myself. The next thing I knew I was kicking Tai right in the face.

I was shocked about what I had done. I felt really badly and didn’t know what to do, so I just ran out from the house. I rarely yell at her about her lazy nature but it had come to the point that I couldn’t take it anymore. I am only human.

I went to stay with my friend at his apartment for about three or four days before I finally figured out what to do. I had to go back and apologise to her and ask her to forgive me. Also offer to do whatever she wanted without denying her. It took me nearly half a day just to make myself brave enough to go to see her but I finally did.

After I went back I discovered that she had grown up a bit more. The situation between us seemed to be getting better. I still very much regret what I did. I shouldn’t have done all those bad things to her. I do understand that it is a very hard thing for teenagers to change themselves and become adults. But now it looks like she is meeting me halfway.

You know, running away like that had made me feel lazy. Plus, after I had made up with Tai, we were having a better relationship. It made me want to stay home with her and not go to work. Of course, I realised in the end that hiding under a rock wasn’t going to make any of my problems go away. I have been told before that I have a habit of running away from my problems. In the end, a voice in my head said it was time for me to go back to work to earn a living to support my family.