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Thu 27 Apr 2017
Great Grandmum's Funeral
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 07 May 2002 00:00

You know, my mum asked me to do something I really hate. She asked me to shave all my hair and eye brows off. She said I have to put on an orange robe and not wear any underwear. Do you want to know why? She wanted me to become a novice monk for my great grandmother (on my father‘s side) who died recently.

My great grandmum died when she was 95 years old. My mum told me that she was a very kind person and my mum really loved her. I didn’t really know her that well because I only saw her when I was a baby and a couple of times when I was a kid.

Now, my great grandmum is in a temple and my parents and relations are preparing a funeral for her. The funeral will go on for seven days. My parents and grandparents will have to go to the funeral every day. Really I have to be there to help them too but I am a bit busy with my work so I told them I couldn’t go every day. They seemed to be a bit angry with me when I told them that.

I went to the funeral on the second day. When I was there I saw that everyone was tired. My mum was sitting down at the table in the kitchen area with sweat all over her face and clothes. I saw that she was holding a big tray. She must have just come back from serving water to people at the funeral.

I walked into the kitchen to meet her and paid her my respects, but she didn’t say anything back to me. She must still be angry with me after I told her I wouldn’t become a novice monk. At that time, I asked her "Why don’t you get Guy (my younger brother) to do it. Why me? Do I really have to do it?" She replied to my face, "Guy has already agreed to be a novice monk. What about you? Can’t you be a good great grandson like your brother?" Those words kept me quiet for a while. Later I asked her why should I have to do it while Guy has agreed to do it already. She replied that it’s because I am the oldest great grandson in the family and really I must do it, not Guy. I told her my excuse that I had lots of work to do. But, really I just didn’t want to shave off my hair. It takes a long time for me to grow it long like it is, especially as I have curly hair.

I went to get a big tray from the kitchen and then I went to get bottles of water to put on it. It was quite heavy to carry around. Now I understood why my mum was hot and sweaty. I went to serve the water to the guests. While I was serving, I saw my dad and other relations running around doing something. They looked very tired. There were a lot of people who came to the funeral but not many people were helping. I was walking and serving all day. I didn’t even have time to eat. Then I knew why they wanted me to come to help every day.

I went there again on the sixth day in the afternoon. My parents were still running around. They looked like ghosts when I saw them. I quickly went to help. When the day finished, my uncle came up to me and told me that tomorrow is the last and the busiest day so they need me to come to help. I agreed quickly because I was now feeling very guilty. Tomorrow my great grandmum will be cremated and this will be my last chance to apologise to her for being a bad great grandson.

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