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Thu 27 Apr 2017
From Bad to Worse
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 27 April 2004 00:00

It all started on the day that I found her walking down by the market with another boy. To most people they were just walking together, but to me it looked pretty much like they were more than just friends. I watched them as they went into a noodle shop and then I went back to my workplace. If it were me in the past, the one without a baby daughter, I definitely would have run up to them and hit the boy right in the face without caring about the consequences.

Instead, I came back and waited for her to come to see me. I was trying to keep calm but the image of my wife with another boy kept popping into my head. Less than one hour later, she came and she acted like there was nothing going on. I asked her about why she was so late coming to see me. She turned to me and answered that she had met her friend near the market. That was it, she didn’t say anything else.

I then told her about what I had seen. I started to talk to her calmly but I couldn’t really do that for long. I then started to yell at her, which caused a big argument. It was going on and on for quite a long time until I didn’t want to see her face anymore. I really felt like breaking up with her right there and then. But I didn’t as I remembered Richard, my teacher, always telling me that I should wait until I calmed down before I made a big life changing decision.

The next morning I felt calmer. I tried to think about what we had talked about. She was right when she said that I was working too much and didn’t really care about her. I even nearly forgot her birthday for goodness sake. I then started to talk to her again and told her that I was sorry about concentrating only on work. She replied that she was sorry about not telling me about the other guy. She said that she didn’t have anything to do with him apart from buying drugs. And that’s when I found out about her being on drugs! She had been with me every single day but I didn’t know that she was on drugs. I must have been blind not to know.

I got her to talk to me and tell me everything. That guy turned out to be a friend of my friend down by the market. She started to buy yaa bah (crazy medicine) from him about a month ago without anyone knowing. I really should be angry with that guy but I couldn’t as he is doing his business and I thought that it’s better she bought the drugs from him than anywhere else. But later, I went down to the market to meet him and told him to stop selling the drugs to Tai. He promised he would.

But that wasn’t the end of the story. She was already addicted to yaa bah and I know very well what drug addiction is like. I have to try every way I can to stop her getting drugs from elsewhere. The government’s war on drugs has made it more difficult to buy drugs. But, it hadn’t stopped it altogether. Now that the government are focussing on a different issue, the drug dealers are again selling in my city. The only difference is that it now costs up to three hundred baht per pill. I remember the last time I took it when it was only sixty baht!

If you are addicted to drugs you will buy them at whatever the price. All you do is steal more things in order to have enough money. Tai was the one who was looking after our savings, which we were keeping for a rainy day. All of our money had gone before I realised what had happened. I have to calm down and help her get out from this world. It won’t be easy at all.