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Thu 27 Apr 2017
Fashion Can be Painful
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 17 September 2002 00:00

Here I am with my girlfriend at a jewellery shop in Seacon Square. My girlfriend has come here to pierce her belly button. I have come to support her. She has been wanting to do this for a long time — I think ever since the first time she saw my navel ring.

 I think it is normal for girls to pierce their belly buttons. Lots of girls do it because they want to follow fashion. I follow fashion too sometimes but only the ones I like. Also, I sometimes do crazy things which not many people do, like piercing my belly button. Not many boys do it because they think it’s girl stuff but I don’t think like that. I think it looks cool when you do something weird, especially when not many people are brave enough to do it.

You know what? Some of my friends like piercing themselves and that is why they have lots of rings on their bodies. They also like drinking and nearly every time they get drunk, they pierce each other’s bodies. When they first found out that I pierced my belly button, they complained that I should have asked them to do it for free. They also told me to tell them the next time I want to have somewhere pierced. I don’t think I want to take that risk.

I have heard before in the news that someone received HIV after they went to get their body pierced at a bad shop. The shopkeeper there didn’t change the needle at all. I always go to a good-looking shop if I want to pierce something. And I always check that they change the needle before they pierce me. If the shopkeeper doesn’t do that, I leave straight away. I don’t want to take a risk that might be a danger to my life.

Will you believe me if I tell you that one of my friends has more than twenty rings on his body? To me it looks like he does it without thinking. He has three rings on his chin, three on his nose, four on his eyebrows, two on his tongue and about four on each ear. I really like how he pierced his ears. He didn’t have it like other people. He has really big holes in his ears. The biggest hole is about eight millimetres wide.

Now, back to the jewellery shop. There are different rings for different parts of the body. I walk around looking at those rings and choose some nice ones for my ear. Then Tai comes to ask me to help her choose a ring for her belly button. There are lots of rings and it is not easy to choose. Finally, we agree on one that has a smiley face on it. We come back to our seat and wait. I can see that Tai is very excited.

Finally, there are no more people waiting before us. We are next. The person in front of us is sticking his tongue out to have it pierced. I see his legs start to shake when the shopkeeper asks him, "Are you ready?" He nods and says "Yes" then the shopkeeper begins to pierce the boy’s tongue. When the needle goes through his tongue, he grips the chair very tightly. Some tears are coming from his eyes and his knuckles are white. It looks so painful.

After the boy finishes and comes out, I tell Tai that it is her turn. But she says she is too scared to do it alone. She asks me to do it with her but the problem is I have a belly button ring already. I don’t think I want to have another. I tell her that, then she tells me to pierce my body somewhere else.

Come back next week to see where I had my body pierced.

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