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Sat 29 Apr 2017
A New Hope
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 06 July 2004 00:00

After missing the chance to see Grace, I have to say that I barely slept much last night. I remember that the last time I looked at the watch before I went to sleep was nearly 3 a.m.

In the early morning, when I had started to sleep quite well, something ruined my mood and woke me up. I felt like there was someone sitting on me. I didn’t open my eyes to look but I was pretty sure that it must be Tai. I was really moody and was going to yell at her but then I opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was my lovely little angel, Grace! I really couldn’t believe what I just saw. I froze for a few seconds while I was looking at her face. I cannot really explain it, all I can say is I was feeling the best!

I thought I was dreaming so I pinched myself on the cheek. It hurt so I knew that I must be awake. I am glad that I didn’t do anything bad such as yelling or pushing her off. I looked around the room and saw Tai; she was ironing my shirt ready for work. I was completely up then. I smiled at Grace and said "Good morning daughter! What are you doing on me?"

Tai heard me so she replied; "I went to get the iron in my mum’s bedroom. I saw that Grace was up so I brought her here. I knew you would be happy to see her when you woke up so I let her play on you." I held Grace up and gave her a morning kiss before I got up to give Tai one. I said "thank you" to her and told her that I am very happy. It’s nice to wake up in the morning and see two people you love the most there, isn’t it?

I hadn’t seen Grace for quite a long time. She has grown up a lot. I had tried to go and visit her at my parents’ house but it didn’t really work out well. As soon as I arrived, they would quickly put away all the valuable things. They also watched me like a hawk. I couldn’t even walk to the fridge without my brother walking behind me. It was like I didn’t belong there. I felt really uncomfortable.

But, after seeing and playing with Grace again, I decided I would have another go to see Grace at their house. So, a few days later, at the weekend, I rang my mum and asked her if it was alright if I could come over with Richard to take some pictures of Grace. She agreed.

When we arrived, Grace was in the garden with my brother. I was amazed at how fast she was crawling. My brother told me that she was really very naughty and that they had to watch her all the time. She was now pulling herself up but she wasn’t ready to start walking yet. Seeing how quickly she was changing made me more determined to spend time with her. I didn’t want to miss anything.

The afternoon went very well and I had an enjoyable time playing with Grace. My parents were also being very friendly with me. Maybe it was because they saw how I was playing with Grace. My mum came up to me and suggested that I should come every weekend. That made me very happy.

When we were driving back, Richard suggested an idea that might help bring my family together again. Not long ago, he had bought a townhouse, which has four bedrooms. He bought it as an investment for his future and had no plans to live there full-time yet. So, he suggested that maybe Tai and myself could live there to look after the place. If my parents saw that we were living in a proper house and being responsible again then they would surely let Grace come and live with us.

Things are starting to come together now. My future looks much happier.