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Sat 29 Apr 2017
A Fresh Start
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 03 August 2004 00:00

My heart was beating very fast while the phone was ringing. It felt like it was a long time but really it was less than a minute before someone picked up the phone. Unluckily it was Tai’s mum who answered so I quickly hung up. I knew that she wouldn’t be happy if she found out it was me calling.

I was really kind of hoping that Tai would be the one who picked the phone up. But on the other hand I was kind of relieved that she didn’t. I waited a few hours then I tried again. This time Tai answered the phone. But there was another problem. I didn’t really know what to say to her. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to make up with her. But I didn’t really have a plan about how to start the conversation or what to say to her. What an idiot I am!

I then started by saying “hello” to her and asked her how her day was. We had a simple normal conversation. Really, I was the one who came up with things to talk about. She just answered the questions I asked and listened while I talked. Not much talking on her side. It seemed to me that she was a bit unsure about me calling and talking to her.

We didn’t talk for long as I ran out of things to say. But before I hung up I asked her whether it was OK for me to call her again. She said to me that it’s OK and then gave me her new PCT number. I wrote down her number on a piece of paper and then we hung up. I couldn’t believe that her mum had just bought her a PCT. She must be very happy that Tai broke up with me.

From that day on my life seem to be less empty. I found myself being in a better mood and being happier than usual. We started to talk every day on the phone and finally cleared things up. Mainly about that guy. She admitted that she had really been seeing someone else. But after a while she realized that it wasn’t working out so she broke up with him. She said to me that I was right when I said, “you cannot find anyone who loves you more than me”. Anyway it still didn’t change the fact that I was a real jerk.

Being away from each other has really helped a lot. We both have grown up quite a bit. We are now starting to go out on dates again, but without her parents knowing. We have to go back to the time when we started to see each other for the first time two years ago. Really, I have no choice if I want to hang out with her. I know how much her parents hate me. They’ll never change.

One day I decided to talk to Tai about going over to sleep at her house. I was kind of lonely at my apartment. She said it’s OK as long as her parents didn’t know about it. So, the next night I waited for her mum and her brother to go to bed before I could sneak in at nearly 1 a.m. I felt like I was stepping back in the past. Didn’t I write this same story two years ago?

Anyway, you can guess what happened. We stayed up so late watching a movie that we overslept in the morning. Tai’s mum was working downstairs so I couldn’t sneak out of the house. I had to stay in the bedroom until nearly 4 p.m. when she finally went out to buy something. I then quickly went downstairs and rushed off to work nearly 7 hours late!

I am again happy with my life. It may not be perfect because my wife is in one house and my daughter is in another. But, I am hoping that one day soon it will be possible to bring us all together. That is my wish.