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Sat 29 Apr 2017
A Close Encounter
Written by Gor   
Tuesday, 15 October 2002 00:00

She turned the lights on and walked to a shelf above her bed. She picked up a piece of paper and then came to turn the lights off as I was arriving at the door. I hadn’t really seen her bedroom yet. What I saw was a television, a cupboard and a bed. I asked her why she had turned off the lights. She didn’t say anything. I asked her again. She still kept quiet. I was about to turn the lights on. My hand was reaching for the switch. Then, she shouted at me telling me not to turn it on. My hand jumped back straight away after she shouted. She told me to turn around facing the stairs and close my eyes. I started to get moody but I still did as she asked.

I tried to look at her before turning around but I couldn’t see anything. I didn’t know what she was doing but I heard some noises. It sounded like she was looking for something. A few minutes later, she asked me to turn around to face her with my eyes closed. I did. Then she asked me shyly to open my eyes.

My heart was pumping very fast at that time. I hoped she wouldn’t be naked. I didn’t get ready for it today!!! I opened my eyes slowly. I couldn’t see if she was naked or not at that time because the room was still dark. But I could see that she was holding something in her hands. Then she asked me to turn on the lights. My right hand reached for the switch and turned it on. Now I would see if she was wearing any clothes or not and what was she holding.

The lights came on and the result came out that she wasn’t naked. I was a bit disappointed!!! She was holding a big glass bottle full of little paper birds and a letter in her hand. She handed them to me and said that she did it all by herself. I was very surprised and very happy for her. I couldn’t believe that she had done all of these birds alone. It wasn’t that easy to make these paper birds so small like that. You have to be very patient. I couldn’t do it.

After that, I looked at the paper she gave me and then opened it up to read. I was a little shocked after I opened it. I couldn’t believe that she could do this much for me. She had written "Tai loves Gor" in Thai on the paper but she didn’t use ink to write the words. She had used her own blood! I quickly grabbed her left hand to take a look. There was a plaster on her finger. My tears were coming out. I told her that I loved her and then hugged her. We stood like that for quite a long time before she asked me to go downstairs to play on the Internet with her.

I wiped my tears away and walked out of the room. I kissed her on her forehead before we walked downstairs to play on the Internet. I was walking in front while we walked quietly down the steps when I heard a noise. It sounded like someone was coming into the house. That reminded me about the scared feeling I had when I first came in. So, I quickly ran up the steps to stand behind Tai. I whispered to her to walk down to check first. I crept back up the stairs to her bedroom and hid behind the door. I could hear someone talking to Tai but I couldn‘t understand the words. I just hoped that it wasn’t her mum. I was very scared. Sweat was coming out all over my body. Then I heard someone coming up the stairs.

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