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Sun 30 Apr 2017
We are Thailand: Sanjutha Puangmala
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Monday, 12 February 2007 00:37

About Myself:

Sawasdi Chao. My names is Sanjutha Puangmala. I’m twelve years old. I live in Chiang Rai, Thailand’s northermost province. Chiang Rai was built by King Mengrai over 700 years ago. Chiang Rai is mountainous with dense forests, valleys, streams and fields. There are many hilltribes living here. The hilltribe people speak different languages and each tribe has its own culture.

My Family:

My house is a one-storey house in northern style. There are four people, four dogs and three birds in our house. My sister and I do the housework together. We clean the house and water the flowers. We feed our pets before we go to school everyday.

My School:

I am a Matayomsuksa 1 or Grade 7 student at Damrongratsongkhroh School. There are 122 teachers and 2,829 students in the school. Our school has modern facilities. It is beautiful and shady because there are lots of trees around the school buildings. It’s well-known for its good school environment and academic programmes. Our school places emphasis on morals, ethics, and participation in community activities. I am pround of my school.

Learning and Teaching Atmosphere:

There are 45 students in my class. We study basic subjects, such as Thai, English, Mathematics, and Social Studies in our classroom. We study Science in the science room and conduct experiments in the lab. We have a special room for art education, physical education and vocational subjects. Our school has set up ‘academic centres’, such as Mathematics Centre and English Language Centre. We also have a small museum. During study hours, we go to the library where we can use materials, such as videos, CD-ROM and the Internet.

Indoor Activities:

We have a lawn, plants and beautiful flowers at our house. My duty is to clean the house, wash the dishes, and water the plants and flowers. Sometimes I help my mother cook. After dinner we usually watch television. I always do my homework or read a book before going to bed.

Outdoor Activities:

Usually after school my sister and I help my mother in our candy shop. There are lots of customers everyday. On Saturdays, I go to the fitness centre to help my mother there. On Sundays my sister and I usually go swimming but sometimes we go to our grandmother’s orchard at Chiangsaen.

My Parent's Occupations:

My father works at the Bangkok Bank Limited, Chiang Rai Branch. He is a senior lending officer in the Loan Department. My mother owns a fitness centre and a candy shop which are favorably received by the customers. My grandmother has a lychee orchard in Chiangsaen. Sometimes we help her pick lychees from the trees. It is fun.

Careers in my Province:

Agriculture is the most important career of the people in Chiang Rai. The crops here are rice, corn, tea and tobacco. There are big orchards where people grow lychees, longans, pineapples and oranges. Flowers, such as roses and carnations are grown here too. In addition, there are pig and poultry farms. Chiang Rai is well-known for silk and cotton industries. There are also cottage industries, such as pottery, wood carving and handicrafts made from teak wood.

My Special Times:

Our family is Buddhist. Buddhism is the religion of the majority of Thai people. We strictly follow the teaching of the Lord Buddha, and we like to make merit. The birthday of each member of the family is a special day of us. On each birthday, everybody in the family offers food to the monks. Sometimes we hold a special ceremony of the northern people for prolonging our lives. The most inportant day of the northern people is the full moon night of Wednesday. On this occasion, people in Chiang Rai go to the temples to make merit.

Special Occasions in my Province:

Chiang Rai is the homeland of many groups of people, including the hilltribes. These people have their own customs and traditions. ‘Tung’ or long flags in northern style play a very important part in all ceremonies and festivals. There are long lines of ‘Tung’ at the beginning of the processions that pay homage to His Majesty the King’s Mother and King Mengrai, the founder of Chiang Rai. During the northern cultural festivals, all the places are decorated with ‘Tung’.

My Hometown and City:

Chiang Rai is a northern city that attracts a lot of foreign tourists to Thailand. It is in a province on the borders between Thailand and Myanmar, and Thailand and Laos. Chiang Rai has a scenic beauty of the North. Some interesting places in Chiang Rai are Pra That Doi Tung, Pra Tamnak Doi Tung or the King’s Mother’s palace, Mae Faa Luang Garden, and historical sites in Chiangsaen as Chiang Rai ised to be one of Thai Kingdoms, namely Chiang Saen. A lot of tourists take raft or boat trips along Kok River between Thailand and Myanmar or along Mekong River between Thailand and Laos. Some people join tour to the Golden Triangle or elephant tours.

Climate and Land around my Province:

Chiang Rai is a mountainous area with temperate climate. The weather is cool in the cold season. The coolest month of the year is January. It rains a lot in August and the hottest months are April and May.

The Area around my Province:

Two main rivers of Chiang Rai are Kok River and Mekong River. The point where these rivers meet is a spectacular sight that attracts a lot of tourists.

Information from: "We are Thailand - A Project of the APEC HRD Working Group" by the Department of Curriculum and Instruction Developoment Ministry of Education.