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Sat 29 Apr 2017
Gor with Bow This is a picture of my new girlfriend, Bow, and myself on holiday in Koh Samet in May 2006. You can see I have put on some weight! I didn't do too many updates to my website during this period. I was having lots of problems. I was also very depressed because of the break up with my wife. In August 2005 I was arrested by the police for drug possession. I was out on bail for nearly a year. In that time I met and fell in love with Bow. In September 2006, the court sentenced me to six years in prison. This was then reduced to three years because I chose at the last minute to cooperate and plead guilty. Bow came to visit twice a week for the first few months. After that I only saw her a few times. I am writing these words now in prison. I don't have access to the Internet but I can bribe a guard to have my notes sent out. At the moment I am working on a book about my life story.