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Sun 30 Apr 2017
Street Food Around My House
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Wednesday, 07 February 2007 00:07
Usually, my girlfriend and I go out to the local Namdaeng market to buy some fresh food (vegetables and meat) and then come back to cook together at home.

But sometimes, we are both too lazy to go to the market so we just walk out to the main road and walk along the pavement to look for something to eat. We often sit down and eat at a shop which is right by the side of the road. There are dozens of these shops so you can have something different each day. If you go during the late afternoon then you will have a bigger choice.

Sometimes we buy some take-away food to take back home for the next meal so we don't have to come out again! It is very cheap as it only averages 25 baht a meal. For less than an American dollar you can get a meal and a drink too! The other good thing is that you don't have to wash up anything!

This is one of the hawker shops by the side of the road that we like to visit. It sells chinese chicken with rice or noodle. You can see the chicken hanging in the display case.
The food shop near where we live. We usually stop here for some take aways before we go home. You choose which curry you want and they put each one in a different plastic bag.
My girlfriend's favourite, the noodle shop. It sells egg noodles with red pork in soup, delicious. But my girlfriend likes it without the soup and vegetables. Our first choice in the morning when we don't know what to have for breakfast: porridge rice. We have it with a poached egg. It costs 20 baht.