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Sun 30 Apr 2017
Around My House
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Tuesday, 06 February 2007 23:51
The motorbike taxis always run around up and down the road every day and night. Most of them are always riding on the footpath as it is easier for them than going to do the U-turn. The food shops around here are mostly taking over the walkway on the footpath. People are sitting outside the shops eating on the footpath. They are making the footpath more narrow

Durian is one of the smelly fruits in Thailand. But even if it is so smelly, people are still eating it as it is delicious. I also like it too!
A Honda motorbike shop is there by the side of the road right at the top of my lane. The motorbikes in the picture is the popular style in Thailand. It is called "Wave", I have one of them!

Walking down to the market in the early morning about 6 o'clock, before 7 o'clock, you will be able to make the merit by giving food to the monk. The covenience store by the side of the road where we always go to buy stuff like crisps, candies, ice cream etc.