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Mon 24 Apr 2017
Working on my Website
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Tuesday, 06 February 2007 17:50

This photo story was written in 2001 while I still attended Satree Secondary School. I was in Grade 9 at the time. I started Grade 10 that same year but never finished. You can find out why by reading My Secret Diary .

Nearly everyday after my school finishes, I usually come back to work on my web site at my old primary school. I left here after I finished grade 6 but I still come back. The principal and Richard look after me well, they are kind to me. They give me everything I need to make me comfortable.

I come up to the sixth floor by lift and then walk to the computer room. I usually come here in the evening after the students have gone back home because it's quiet and I can concentrate more.
The left picture is where I work on my web site. I usually work on it for at least 3 hours everyday. There are Richard and my friend (Phong) working in the same room as well. The reporter from Student Weekly is looking at my web site in the right picture. Reporters come and visit often as well as tourists from around the world.
Inside the Computer room, there are lots of things for me to do like chat on the phone, play internet and ICQ, watch cable TV, listen to music etc. It's like my second home, I am never bored when I am here!

Outside the Computer Room, there is a sofa for me to lie down to sleep and read cartoon books. There is also a fan when it's hot. I always come to eat outside because I don't want to make the room a mess. Sometimes I have noodles or maybe we order pizza.
I help teach Computer on Mondays and English on Saturdays. The school pays me to assist the teacher and in the summer holidays I teach computer by myself. I am the teacher and not an assistant. So, you can see I come here a lot.
On the sixth floor, there is a bedroom for guests who come to visit the school but sometimes I use it when I work late or need to teach early in the morning. It is more comfortable than my house because it has air-conditioning and it is like a hotel room.