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Mon 24 Apr 2017
My Three Mothers
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Tuesday, 06 February 2007 17:38

Most people only have one mother but I don't, I have three mothers. This doesn't mean that my father has lots of wives because they are all in my mum's family. One is the mother of my mother and another one is my mother's younger sister. All three mothers are really important to me. I love them very very much. I am positive that I love them enough to die for them.

In the past when I was younger, we (my parents and me) all stayed at my grandmum's house. When my mum went back to work, my grandmum had to look after me that's why I called her "mae yai" (which is Thai for big mother). In the late afternoon, when my mum hadn't come back and mae yai had gone to cook dinner for us, my aunt (mum's younger sister) looked after me. That's why I call her "mae lek" (which is Thai for little mother).

Mae yai is very strict but she is also very kind. She told me that when I was younger I was really naughty and she used to hit me a lot. She hit me with a stick. I was really scared of that. Everytime I saw her holding that stick I behaved properly! Mae yai loves me a lot but she doesn't really understand me because she comes from the older generation. Now when she knows that I have gone to have a date with a girl, she will complain that I am not allowed to do that because we aren't old enough even though we are 16!!! I understand why she complains but I still don't like it.

Now that my grandfather has already died, it's my time to pay her back by looking after her. I was really upset when I heard that she had found out about my drug addiction. Everyone had asked me to go to drug rehab at that time but I always said no but when mae yai came to talk to me and asked me to go there with tears in her eyes, I quickly said yes because I didn't want to see her cry. She is the one I always listen to, the one I never refuse and the one I will never make cry. But once, we had an arguement about drugs. I made her cry, I didn't know how to punish myself so I just cut my skin with a cutter. The next morning, I went to apologize to her and grarb her to her feet. She said don't worry, it's ok. I cried then she hugged me. That made me cry even more. Now I still have a scar from that time. It makes me remember not to do that again. I don't really go to visit her that often now because I am very busy with my web sites but I know that she understands after my real mum showed my web site to her! And now she also understands me more than before. She didn't say anything last time I went on a date. She also gave me some money as well!!! I am thinking that if I got some money from teaching and my bookshop, I will give some to her! That is what I really want to give her now after I have done all the good things she wants me to do like quit drugs and be a good boy!!!

Mae lek is very kind and the one that understands me the most. She never complains or hits me. She also helps me when mae yai hits me. She is a new generation girl! Since I was young up to now, every time I met her at mae yai's house she always gave me some money. She will give me at least 500 baht every time. But now I don't see her much because she's very busy with her work! She is very kind like I said but sometimes she is too kind. For example, when I was at the drug rehab (the first one I went to), she went to visit me. She bought me loads of crisps, bubble gum and sweets. She also tried to give me 1,000 baht quietly, without letting anyone know. She did that because there is a rule that people who come to visit can't give cash to the patients there. She told me that the drug rehab looks awful but she can't get me out because my school told me to go there. She wanted me to be comfortable. But she wasn't happy that I used her money to buy drugs. I said sorry to her and promised to do my best to quit drugs. She said she will see. I saw a happy smile on her face. Today I can tell her that I am clean from drugs!!!

Finally, my real mum. She is more like a friend to me. I can talk to her about everything without feeling embarrassed. She even knows all about how many girls I have. She is a superb mum. She works every day. Even at the weekend she works over time. She has been working very hard since I was young but she never complains. She sometimes does all of the housework for me and tells dad that I did it. Even though she didn't look after me that much when I was younger, she still understands everything about me. She wasn't wrong not to look after me because she knew that mae yai and mae lek could do that job. She works hard and give some money to mae yai. She is rarely angry with me even though she knows that I was addicted to drugs. She asked me, with a smile on her face, that can I quit it. I said to her I can but she must give me time. Then she told me to tell her if I can't quit. She said she wouldn't be mad but she will do her best to help me. Not long after that I told her I can't quit myself so she went to talk to my dad (dad didn't know before). Then they started to look for places to send me. First, when she wanted to talk to dad, I told her not to do that because dad will be angry (he is the person in this world I am most scared off). I knew later and I was really surprised that he wasn't even angry or moody. She could work him well!!! She keeps telling me that don't be scared of dad, he is fine. First I didn't believe her but now I do. He is fine, really fine. Mum always helps me with everything, even sometimes when I am wrong. She always said that teenagers are like this. I am really lucky to have a mum like this. Most of my friends said they wanted to have a mother like her. I am sure they would!!!

At last I want to say that I am the luckiest person in this world because I have three wonderful mums. And also I want to thank them for understanding me and looking after me when I was younger. If I didn't have them, I don't think I will be successful like this now. They taught me well. Taught me to be a good person when I'm older and I will be like that for them. I want to say that I am very sorry and I want to apologize to them for what happened before. I made a mistake and I have already learned from my mistake. I won't do the same mistake again, I promise. I love them, my three mums. I would do anything, even die for them if that makes them safe...