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Mon 24 Apr 2017
My Grandfather's Funeral
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Friday, 09 February 2007 01:41
My grandmum and her daughters (my aunts and my mum) are having their photo taken in front of my grandfather's coffin. In the picture on the right, the monks are chanting. Can you see the white string? It's call "sai sin" in Thai. It goes right to my grandfather's coffin when the monks are chanting. Sai sin is taking some of the monks good words to my grandfather.

My family and me went to the ceremony every day and on the final day, thousands and thousands came. Because my grandfather had lots of friends and lots of people liked him. He was always kind to every person. They are coming up to pay respect to my grandfather for the last time and they have a flower made from paper thin wood to give to him as well. I am sitting behind my grandfather's coffin watching those people come up to pay respect to my grandfather. And that time my brother and I were novice monks for my grandfather as well.

My mum's friends are coming to give a flower made from paper thin wood. This is called "dork maijan" in Thai. They are pretenting to give the wood to the fire. Then they move the coffin inside the crematorium. They opened it up and my aunt poured some of my grandfather's favourite perfume on his body.

We are going out to scatter my grandfather's ashes on to the Chao Phraya River. Picture on the right my mum and my aunt are getting ready by putting some of the flowers onto my grandfather's ashes. We are taught not to cry because it will make it harder for him to go to heaven because he will be worried.