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Mon 24 Apr 2017
Going to School by Songtaew
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Wednesday, 07 February 2007 00:35
The picture on the left is the lane at the top of my soi. I walk down this lane to catch the bus to school every day. The bus stops outside the 7-Eleven convenience store. It usually costs 4 baht but sometimes for students it is 3 baht.
After about 500 metres, I change from the bus to a songtaew because I can't go to school by one bus, it's not on the way for one bus. Songtaew is Thai for two rows because it has two rows to sit on at the back. This songtaew will turn left at the clock tower next to the City Hall and go straight pass my school.
Songtaews are usually full so some people have to stand at the back. I like to stand at the back too because it's exciting and easy to get off. The picture on the right shows the road from the clock tower to my school and you can see the songtaew stopping in front of my school.