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Mon 24 Apr 2017
Fast Food Restaurants in Thailand
Written by Panrit "Gor" Daoruang   
Wednesday, 07 February 2007 00:17
"Can you guess what Thai people like eating the most?"
Answer at the bottom.

I really like to eat fast food because it's quick, I don't have to wait long time. I like to eat Burger King, my favourite burger is Double Cheese Burger with Becon. The French Fries there are really good, not the same as KFC which is very dry but I think the Fries at McDonalds is best.

Lots of teenagers in Thailand like to eat at a fast food restaurant becasue now it has become fashionable for Thai teenagers. When Thai boys go out with their girlfriend, they always go to fast food restaurant because it is expensive and she will be impress. Older Thai people call fast food "junk food", Thai peole say that they just put a piece of meat and vegetable in the roll which is not that useful for the body. They said Thai food has more nutrition.

I took the following prices from three popular fast food restaurants: KFC, McDonalds and Burger King. I did this at the end of January 2001. You can compare the prices with your own country ($1 = 42 baht) or see how the menu varies.



19 baht
Cheese burger 27 baht
Double cheese burger
50 baht
Big Mac 55 baht
Pork burger 19 baht
Samurai pork burger 45 baht
Fillet-o-fish 45 baht

45 baht
Chicken McCrispy 2 pcs 55 baht
Chicken McNutget 4 pcs
45 baht
Mac Fried s/m/l 22/30/35 baht

Coke, Sprite, Fanta

Reg. 22 baht
L. 26 baht

Pineapple juice Reg. 24 baht
L. 27 baht
Hot coffee
20 baht
Iced coffee/Milo/Lemontea 26 baht
Mineral water 12 baht
Milk 10 baht

Pies (Taro, Pineapple, corn) 25 baht
Ice cream cone 7 baht
Sundaes (Chocolate, Strawberry, Toddy palm) 29 baht

Outside of KFC at Siam Square.

The counter where you order foods inside a KFC

I really like eating the Double cheeseburger with bacon here!

A big sign of McDonalds by side the road.

Colonel Burger 29 baht
Nuggets (6/10 pcs) 45/65 baht
Colonel's choice fillet Burger 45 baht
Big Catch Fish Burger 39 baht

Chicken Selection:
1/2 pcs 28/55 baht
3/6 pcs 80/157 baht
10/15 pcs 260/379 baht

Mashed potato (s/l)
15/33 baht
Coleslaw (s/l) 15/33 baht
French Fries (s/l/jumbo) 22/30/35 baht

Iced tea 25 baht
Iced coffee 30 baht
Hot tea 20 baht
Hot coffee 20 baht
Pepsi, 7up, Mirinda 20 baht
65/75 baht
Whopper jr./cheese 45/55 baht
Double cheeseburger/bacon 69/79 baht
Hamburger 25 baht
Cheeseburger 35 baht
Chicken sandwich 59 baht
Chicken'n crisp 29 baht

Chicken tenders 4/8 pcs
35/55 baht
BK fried chicken 1/2/3 pcs 29/55/75 baht
BK big fish 45 baht
French Fried s/m/l 22/30/39 baht
Onion ring s/m 30/39 baht

Coke, Fanta, Sprite s/l 20/24 baht
Iced coffee s/l 25/28 baht
Iced tea s/l
25/28 baht
Hot coffee 20 baht
Hot tea 20 baht
Mineral water 15 baht

Apple pie 25 baht
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Answer: Most fast food restaurants in Thailand (including Pizza Hut) have changed their menu because of what the Thai people like to eat. We don't like beef so much, but we do like chicken and fish.